Women in combat and cognitive dissonance

When one hears the word female, girl, or woman what is conjured up in their minds? A woman is associated with beauty, fragility, softness, compassion, and nurturing instincts. People are attracted to those who idealize the essence of their inherent sex. A woman who is feminine instills a sense of love and protective paternal duties in a man. It is a burden of love that the man has that has him desire to keep a woman held tightly to his chest and in his arms.

What comes to mind when thinking of women
What comes to mind when thinking of women
What they want women to become in the name of Equality
What they want women to become in the name of Equality

All societies have understood the obvious differences in the two sexes that does not lie in the merely physical (biological) realm, but beyond that where it transcends into the metaphysical. Any arguments that concerns the human sexes that only mentions the utilitarian, biological, or social aspect, completely miss the central axis point that represents the fundamental essences of human beings.

In the most primitive of human tribes there are rituals that prepares a person into adulthood with a manhood or womanhood ritual. Men are seen preparing for a ceremonial hunt or battle that will initiate them into manhood, and women have their own equivalent rites of womanhood. This is far from being some antiquated, sexist arbitrary social construct made to oppress women, but is a way to give dignity to a person by their inherent features that transcends mere utilitarian corporeality. Men went to war or hunt to fulfill the spiritual path, and seeking to accomplish something that went beyond the necessities of subsistence or obtaining territory.

Although it is true for the vast majority of cases that men are physically superior to women, in the rare cases where there is a woman who happens to be larger and stronger than the men, she would still be allowed to fulfill her inherent path in life in the dignity of a woman, and would not be instead given to the path of men in war/hunting for utilitarian/meritorious reasons, since by doing so she is degraded and treated as less than a woman which is a great indignity. Isn’t this obvious, considering that even in our society today calling a woman manly and a man effeminate is an extremely harsh insult?

I once had a Biology class with a very insecure professor who reveled in his self-deprecating nerdiness and his inglorious failure to garner the respect or attraction of women (geez I wonder why). He retold a story of how he was on a business trip to China for academic reasons and he mentioned his contempt for Chinese culture for being “sexist,” since he was eating dinner with a table full of women and they conferred him the position of leader off the basis that he was a man and that was his “role.” A man who has chosen to renounce his manhood and then believes himself to be more evolved morally by doing so. A truly contemptible whelp.

The modern world, in its self-blinding materialism has closed itself off to the commonsense a priori of essences and then denies all of it existing, claiming mere human fabrication to all things that lie beyond the mere senses.

Going back to the topic, we all have a sense of what the idealized woman is, and the essence of femininity. However, I noticed a strange compartmentalization in people today, where everything becomes a strange cognitive dissonance where there is much mental gymnastics in play to justify it. When most people are asked about women in the military, and the next logical step of them entering combat, they seem to put no real thought into it and merely see it as a basic right and that it is something to be respected. They lift their heads up high and square off proudly pontificating the respect they have for the brave women in the police and armed forces who risk their lives for their country. All the sudden, the idealization of the beautiful, nurturing feminine woman is then substituted in their minds with an artificial, go-go-girrl! action-hero caricature that is the fabrication of the media that exists only in fictional settings. The Science-fiction genre is becoming more non-fiction by the day, not just in terms of technology, but ideology since science-fiction is the logical unraveling of the premises of liberal ideology and governments, which is why in science fiction from Starship Troopers to Halo, they always have a global world government, and leveling egalitarianism that removes all sex differences, essentially making women identical to men aside from the physical sexual characteristics.

women? no they are comrades! Halo is becoming more of a reality by the day.
women? no they are comrades! Halo is becoming more of a reality by the day. The UNSC (United Nations Space Command) seems very plausible
What people are conditoned to think when women in military topic is brought up
What people are conditioned to think when women in military topic is brought up

The Modern World believes that being any label other than the androgynous gray-heap one-size-fits-all term “Human” is a label that should be removed. It is the leveling egalitarian idea that wishes to remove all dignity and hierarchy.

What a average person’s (who’s opinions and worldviews are completely shaped by society’s ubiquitous and all-encompassing propaganda) rational thoughts and opinions are of women dying in combat are actually cut-and-paste beliefs from the zeitgeist fostered by the progressive elites. Their rational faculties have been overtaken, although their sense of humanity in their instincts and emotions is somehow still intact, although it rarely gets the opportunity to free itself momentarily from the reigns of the rational faculties overtaken by external propaganda.

A person can rah-rah-rah cheerlead about the glorious idea of women in the military and idealize the typical female soldier as some badass special forces chick that flew off the pages of a comic book, but once the rubber-meets-the-road reality hits them with some live shaky-cam footage of a girl in uniform getting her jaw blown off into chips of bone by a rifle bullet, or her legs severed below her knee by an explosive, people are going to default to instinct and sentimentality. How does one react when a girl is screaming in blood-curdling agony and getting brutalized (imagine a woman getting her face pounded in repeatedly until her facial features splinter and she suffers permanent disfigurement) as opposed to that happening to a man? People love to see knockout videos on the internet of men hurting each other, but who enjoys seeing that happening to a woman or child?

There are those who lack the foresight and intelligence to see the full ramifications of this. Some people think having a “balanced” position is good. Many argue that “if a woman wants to fight, let her fight damnit!” They rely on the crux of “choice.” Yet there is no choice. There is no freedom. You do not choose to join the military during a mandatory draft. The same logic that now has women in professional work settings today is the same one that will carry through with the the franchise of women’s rights further down to the military. To deny this is to deny the feminist movement of equal rights that has now been accepted in our world today.

The harsh realities of the world and the cruel uncompromising violence that exists is something people expect men to face. The wars of the past have had men with the exclusive privilege of going into war and to bear the brunt of the suffering. Now, under the fanatical evil ideologue of Equality, they desire to have the franchise extended to women. Now it is not just sons who will see the brutalities of war, but our mothers, sisters, and daughters who will go into the meatgrinder which is masqueraded as the next step forward onto Progress.

To the Modern person, in order for a woman to become equal to men, they must also bear the burden of dying in war.

I do not feel anger towards those who would kill our women soldiers, for in war you must kill your enemies. My anger is directed to those who made it all happen.

do you imagine a mother like her on the front-lines?
do you imagine a mother like her on the front-lines?
Which Way? Western Women?
Which Way? Western Women?