Women from the West vs Islam: The false dichotomy of Liberalism

the false dichotomy of western and eastern women
the false dichotomy, it is only recently that women of the west dressed in such a way

There is plenty of backlash against the Muslims among people of the mainstream conservative and alternate right alike. The Muslims are seen as a foreign, alien group that has a way of life that is the polar opposite of those of the West. The scathing criticisms and vitriol thrown against the Muslims is primarily emphasized by their treatment of women in contrast to those of the modern west.

So those of the West will say that Muslims are an abominable group that is incompatible with “Western civilization and values” because men are allowed to hit their wives, women have have their bodies covered up and their heads covered in a veil, as opposed to sexy western girls in booty shorts and cleavage which represents western FREEDOM and EQUALITY and MERRRICA!!! They will also say that muslim women are given second class status, where they are subordinate to men and that they are discouraged from getting a professional career and are not allowed to hang out and speak to men who are not their husband or relatives.

Many of the same people who make these accusations would consider themselves proud Christians, although their arguments belie not a Christian stance, but a Liberal one. In fact, they make the false classification that Liberal values are in fact the same as Christian ones, and cannot discern which is which. So this conflict with the muslims is in reality Anti-Tradition (Liberalism) pitting itself against Tradition (Islam), where the conservatives mistake it for a conflict of Western Tradition (Christianity) against Eastern Tradition (Islam). In the West, Christianity has been neutered to the point where it dares not teach anything that conflicts with Liberal teachings, and that Christianity has no significant importance whatsoever in the important day-to-day decision making and politics of the West which follows entirely upon Secular Liberal ideals.

The Leftward Drift is clearly seen here, where the useful idiot Conservatives defend their “tradition” which is an artificial fabrication of their Progressive masters that has been created only recently. What the western progressives and conservatives laud as the superiority of their culture by their “respect” for women is nothing but an abhorrent deviation.

If one were to look at American women for the majority of the nation’s history they are more similar in appearance to Muslim women than Modern American women today. In fact, the infamous veils of the Muslim women that horrifies today’s Westerners too is something that is supposed to be practiced in Christianity .

Chrysostom is not alone here; Origen seconds this view:
“There are angels in the midst of our assembly we have here a twofold Church, one of men, the other of angels. And since there are angels present women, when they pray, are ordered to have a covering upon their heads because of those angels. They assist the saints and rejoice in the Church.”
The angels take joy in seeing men and women obedient to God; likewise, in a mysterious manner they are “grieved” when God is dishonored. In his commentary on 1 Corinthians, St. Cyril of Alexandria said “The angels find it extremely hard to bear if this law [that women cover their heads] is disregarded.”
What American women looked like up until recently
modern american woman pamela anderson
What people defend as “western” values

I am immediately reminded of G.K. Chesterton’s famous quote showing the pointlessness of modern politics and the inevitable march leftwards.

“The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine. Each new blunder of the progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the snob. This is called the balance, or mutual check, in our Constitution.”

The topic of homosexuality in today’s discourse and hot-button topic issues (which are nonexistent problems perpetuated and pushed by the progressive media) follows the same path as what the feminist/suffrage movements have done to America.

The conservatives who rejected and decried homosexual marriage only a few year ago now stand as proud defenders of “American values and human rights and liberty” against the “evil islamic homophobic savages,” while the progressives welcome the muslims with open arms and love while the “hard-nose-realist” conservatives defend the suicidal progressives, essentially saving Liberalism from itself like they always do, as unwitting servants of the progressives that they claim to be opposed to in support for tradition.


The inimitable Arthur Schopenhauer wrote about this in 1851 on his famous essay On Women:

And it was in this light that the ancients and people of the East regarded woman; they recognised her true position better than we, with our old French ideas of gallantry and absurd veneration, that highest product of Christian–Teutonic stupidity.

In the West, the woman, that is to say the “lady,” finds herself in a fausse position; for woman, rightly named by the ancients sexus sequior, is by no means fit to be the object of our honour and veneration, or to hold her head higher than man and to have the same rights as he. The consequences of this fausse position are sufficiently clear. Accordingly, it would be a very desirable thing if this Number Two of the human race in Europe were assigned her natural position, and the lady-grievance got rid of, which is not only ridiculed by the whole of Asia, but would have been equally ridiculed by Greece and Rome. The result of this would be that the condition of our social, civil, and political affairs would be incalculably improved. The Salic law would be unnecessary; it would be a superfluous truism. The European lady, strictly speaking, is a creature who should not exist at all; but there ought to be housekeepers, and young girls who hope to become such; and they should be brought up not to be arrogant, but to be domesticated and submissive. It is exactly because there are ladies in Europe that women of a lower standing, that is to say, the greater majority of the sex, are much more unhappy than they are in the East.

In almost every nation, both of the new and old world, and even among the Hottentots, property is inherited by the male descendants alone; it is only in Europe that one has departed from this.

The Anti-Traditional and subversive Enlightenment philosophies that preach universal Equality, Fraternity and Liberty are counterfeited as the values of the west when Christianity is the true bearer of tradition.

The truth is that how muslims treat women generally is not exclusive to their religion or culture, all humans in history in a normal society have given different status and roles to men and women since they are different, and it is universally understood that women are subordinate to men. It is only the egalitarian leveling West that has the ridiculous notion that women must do everything a man does or else they are inferior as human beings, and in the process lose her essence as a woman which is then masqueraded by empowerment and freedom, which the moderns see as a false arbitration that is merely a social convention that women have inherent duties under men which was perpetuated by an evil conspiracy of the patriarchy.

It only takes a generation to indoctrinate a population with propaganda, and only a few generations ago, it was a normal everyday fact of life that husbands would discipline and hit their wives in America.

the good ol' days!
the good ol’ days!
putting a woman in her place isn't exclusive to muslims
putting a woman in her place isn’t exclusive to muslims

If traditional Christianity was being practiced in the West today untouched by the perversions and shackles of Liberalism, it would be abhorred by the so-called “conservatives” with as much indignation and polemics as they do with Islam today.

So when the Conservative and alternate “right” criticize Islam for being incompatible with “Western Societies,” what they actually mean is that those religions that refuse to kneel before the altar of Liberalism are to be vilified and struck down.