The Sins of the Fathers

The Saints in Heaven
The Saints in Heaven

Sainthood seems to be a universal title given to a notable heroic figure in human societies. A hero that lives on in the memories of all those who want an example to follow, a person who will never be forgotten after death.

I noticed the reverence that Catholics have towards their Saints and their lives in service to God. Of course, many Saints were once what seemed to be incorrigible sinners, and yet all the faithful understand that it is the human struggle against sin and error and overcoming them and that in the end there is a culmination in the end of their corporal lives which results in being united with Truth and seeing the full beatific vision of God.

A corporal life on the temporal plane is only but a minute, a mere droplet in the oceans of eternity, but it is in this short window, this narrow path that work must be put in to transmute it all into the afterlife. In the end, those of the church triumphant above are seen and adored by the church militant below as those who have conquered their weaknesses and sins and purified themselves for transcendence.

Then I noticed the pseudo-saints of the secular state, the champions of Human Rights and Progress. I noticed that in place of  timeless tradition we have these strange imitations of sainthood in these state approved heroes. Where the saints of Christ died and lived for values that are perennial and so are revered by all believers at all times for all eternity, through time as the secular liberal supermen grow ever more great in stature and illumination from supposed human progress, the secular liberal saints of the past are more marred by their flaws and they become ever more dim and diminutive to the next generation they have brought forth. Because liberalism is man qua man and it completely closed off to the divine and non-temporal planes, everything has a time stamp permanently marred upon it. Nothing sacred, nothing eternal but progress.

The predecessors of the modern man, the Founding Fathers of their nation are to be seen in disgust and hatred by their own progeny. They were sexist, racist, homophobic white supremacist slaveowners! Many other figures of This Great Experiment along the way to the current 21st century, are outdated and archaic. These secular saints lived and died for the causes of bad fruit, values that are continuously changing because at its very basis is Man in place of God. There can be no rest, only ceaseless activity of revolution begetting revolution each time requiring the shattering of the statues of the secular saints whose principles were only respected insofar until the next one comes along to replace it.

Where the Sins of the Saints were expatiated in their corporal lives in preparing for the life after and so all the knots and loose ends of sin were tethered as they flew on wings onto heaven, The Sins committed of the Secular Saints in their temporal lives leaves a tarnished legacy eternal on their lives for values that are ephemeral. And so their successors in the present in this world and in this life only which is the only thing that exists for them, with great gusto and mania attempt to extirpate the sins of their fathers by the desecration of tarring of their legacy and to flagellate themselves of the secular sins left behind from their secular saints.

the secular state's secular saints
the secular state’s secular saints