The Purifiers

The two political parties of America, the Conservatives (Right-Liberals, Classical Liberals, Libertarians) and Progressives, (Left-Liberals, Socialists, Communists) who see each other as the manifestation of evil, who are power-hungry oppressors who are against liberty and equality, actually unwittingly work in unison to advance the pseudo-religion of Liberalism.

In this clash of parties, there creates a synthesis that helps advance the monolithic ideology of Liberalism which takes mankind further chasing the dangling carrot of Enlightenment, the perfection of the human race just above the horizon.

The Progressives are the Purifiers of Liberalism, who seek to remove all traces of tradition and christianity that taints this element from its absolute purity, which in their eyes is what is keeping mankind stuck in misery. If only we rid society of all these oppressive structures, can we reach a state of true Humanity!

To the Purifiers, the evil that stands in their way of a peaceful, tolerant, scientific world of liberated equals free to live the life all humans were meant to live are:

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Hierarchy, Nations, and Religion.

For today’s Cultural Marxists, (who run the education system, universities, politics, social programs tech industries and corporations, exemplified your gender studies professor) what stands in the way of the Liberated Egalitarian Humanity is an evil conspiracy since the beginning of time of Privileged, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Patriarchal Christian White Males who oppressed women, and all non-white minorities and kept them down under oppression.

This formula has been used ad infinitum ever since the days of God and Satan. Rejection of Hierarchy and resentment, and this has really gained momentum since The Enlightenment era which continues to this day with every revolutionary movement (such as the American and French Revolutions).

For the Philosophes, what stood in the way of Enlightened Mankind was an evil conspiracy since the beginning of time of Kings and Priests who oppressed The People until they came along and liberated the Human Race and gave them rationality, science, liberty, equality, and fraternity!

For the White Nationalist, what stands in the way of the Evolutionary Superior White Race is an evil conspiracy of jews and their non-white lackeys who oppress the White Race and prevent them from ascending like Prometheans who with their scientific and technological prowess could have soared into the stars!

There are plenty of examples of different groups who use this formula as the crux of their movement.

In the United States, the Purifiers are the ones who execute the founding documents and governing structures to its fullest fidelity, in the sense that everything is done through the lenses of secularism, with religion relegated to the wayside of private opinion, and that the Liberal Ideals of the Republic are being pushed.

The Purifiers are the ones who live the ideals of The Constitution, which is a document of Liberalism, a man-made document that orients the nation around the sovereignty of Man independent from the providence of God.

So although it is ungodly to legalize homosexual marriage, abortion, and euthanasia, it is not unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, even when the judges are appointed by conservatives – Anthony Kennedy was appointed by Ronald Reagan – those judges inevitably find (shocking, I know) that liberal principles imply substantively liberal outcomes for disputes in law.

Whether you are a Catholic, an Atheist, or a Satanist, it makes no difference when you are the “impartial” Supreme Court Justice, who must by the adherence to the government system, judge everything through the lenses of Secularism, which is religious indifference.

Surely then, wouldn’t this mean that the governing system would be praised by the Progressives and lamented by the Conservatives? But the reality is the opposite. Progressives hate the Founding Fathers and The Constitution which benefits and ensures them victory at every turn. Why is this?

Their victories are that of mankind attempting sovereignty over God, where they believe once untethered from His chains, they have an absolute degree of liberty to fully express their humanity and to fully encapsulate every texture of their being, and with each severance of the divine flows into man his divinity where each iteration of progress is the further perfection of the race, and every previous iteration an outdated, primitive savagery that they have evolved past. Perpetual Revolution.

But each victory further cements their slavery, where the link from the chain of being is severed they have driven off the narrow path and descent further down into sin. Each action taken without adherence to the divine for the sake of human expression makes man sink lower than even the most brutish of animals, the intrinsic uniqueness of each person repudiated so that all can enjoy the false dignity of “human rights,” the dignity of everyone off the basis of being born human. The progressive even when all their demands are met, lash out in rage and a paroxysm of hatred at their perceived enemies and friends alike since the sating of these human rights only stains them further in sin like attempting to quench thirst in blistering sand.

Perpetual Revolution to bring about Progress.

The Purifiers want to take Humanity to the top of the stairway of enlightenment!
The Purifiers want to take Humanity to the top of the stairway of enlightenment!