The mistake of perfection and daily routines

is this what I will become?
is this what I will become?

I gotta be frank; when I go to my website and see the months on the left side and then see the dearth of content that has happened in the past eight months, it is a reminder of my laziness that sears into me deep like the mark of a branding iron. I have been in a state of autopilot, going about my daily routines of working then sleeping rinse-and-repeat and then realize that this process has been going on for half a year now.

Burning through time consuming content (which is mostly empty-calorie youtube -binge-watching) which is in essence basically the borderline-chronic netflix marathon addiction that the troglodytes I wrote so negatively about do.

Not only that, but I have really slackened in my daily reading habits, and the piles of library books stacked several feet high that I have so eagerly waited to consume is looking a lot like a dusty bucket list. But reading is not enough, but one reason for this website and my new youtube channel is to distill this information along with reinforcing what I have read.

I have so many drafts and ideas saved yet I have not given it the necessary nutrients to reach fruition. Starched in doubt, and the idea that things should be put-off until some serendipitous moment of perfection, relying on the whimsies of fate.

Going half-way goes nowhere but backwards. I need to have skin in the game.

When your in a state of apathy, your never apathetic about the things that can shake you out of that state, but are opposed to it. So I go back to one of the places that got me started to begin with.

#10 – Publish a lot your first year (Your first year publishing plan)

When you start creating content you want to create it and release it fast.

This is your first year publishing strategy: write – publish – repeat.

After you have a real audience your publishing plan is: write – edit – refine – publish – promote – repeat.

I have focused so much on the supposed quality of my work to the point of neurosis and apathy much to the detriment of quantity and exposure. I have to get my machine lubricated first before focusing on the quality of the parts and engine. I have all these ideas that I can unleash in volleys, but instead I attempt to hit the bullseye everytime and end up never pulling the trigger.

Fluidity and seamlessness. All aspects of life are converved together in a holistic whole without divorced compartmentalizations. I am always myself with my friends, at my work, with my life, so I just gotta have it flow into my mission, my goal.