Mankind does not naturally desire Liberty

Whoever says that man is born for liberty is speaking nonsense.

-Joseph De Maistre

the illusion of sovereingty
liberty is one count per person to vote? that’s what all of humanity desires?

There is a common belief that conservatives (AKA right-liberals or classical liberals) hold that mankind has an inherent desire for Liberty, and by Liberty (capitalized Liberty since it has more importance to the modern person¬†than God) they mean the ability for a person to choose their own life the way they want, whether for good or for bad, and that in order to secure these “inalienable human rights” (an idea which is only a recent enlightenment humanistic concept) we have a government that serves to protect the equal rights of others so that every individual can live the way that they want since it is up to the individual to define Read More

The Universality of Inequality

Instead of looking for explanations for the fact of inequality, anthropologists should look for the explanation for the notion of equality.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila 

the mere mentioning of caste has egalitarians and moderns shocked to indignation
the mere mentioning of caste has egalitarians and moderns shocked to indignation

When a historian or anthropologist studies history or human culture they are constantly appalled by how there is a universal aspect of inequality that predominates all societies. Academicians are taught to teach nothing but “facts” and complete objectivity without even a hint of impartiality, yet by presupposing as a “normal” starting point an egalitarian society they have already begged in question implicitly in favor for their own cultural context. Of course they question everything that all humans have taken for granted in all societies such as sex roles, rankings, families, religion, and government yet are completely absent in turning the lens of introspection upon … Read More