Freedom of Speech a Tool to undermine Power

Dying for moral relativism, Veterans for Voltaire!
Dying for moral relativism, Veterans for Voltaire!

If I were to discuss this topic on a forum or public area without a doubt I would be immediately banned or tarred-and-feathered, and to be marked as a pariah who was gone beyond the pale. I am about to criticize and repudiate the Holy Grail of Liberalism: Freedom of Speech. What impudent timing! Right when the globalists wish to censor the internet and Youtube shutting down political dissent even against its most popular celebrities.
Freedom of Speech in Pre-Liberal Democracies

It seems that Freedom of Speech was mainly used as a rebellious tool masquerading as some higher-cause for freethinking and rationalism against the authority of The Church and State (Monarchs) in order to promote Truth. Alexis De Tocqueville mentions how in Europe although there was no freedom of speech and sedition would … Read More

Orlando Shootings: pseudo religious faith

How predicable. The reactions are nothing new to see here.

Nothing has changed except another list of bodies added to the list of non-liberalized Islam. Gotta give credit to the #progressivegriefsquad, (who have a talent for crying on cue in perfect synchronization like a perfection of choreography credit to the hivemind) they will never give up on their mission to tame the wild dog that is Islam into their anti-traditional satanic pseudo-religion liberalism. They already neutered christianity and have it on a tight leash, and now they have a large pen of liberalized islamic bitchboys to stand up and scream their impotent indignation to show their supposed moral righteousness.

I am impressed with the religious … Read More

Mankind does not naturally desire Liberty

Whoever says that man is born for liberty is speaking nonsense.

-Joseph De Maistre

the illusion of sovereingty
liberty is one count per person to vote? that’s what all of humanity desires?

There is a common belief that conservatives (AKA right-liberals or classical liberals) hold that mankind has an inherent desire for Liberty, and by Liberty (capitalized Liberty since it has more importance to the modern person¬†than God) they mean the ability for a person to choose their own life the way they want, whether for good or for bad, and that in order to secure these “inalienable human rights” (an idea which is only a recent enlightenment humanistic concept) we have a government that serves to protect the equal rights of others so that every individual can live the way that they want since it is up to the individual to define Read More