Abortion: Trump and Matthews

So the Pro-Life movement has been full of contradictions and going halfway in attempting to avoid the logical conclusion of their beliefs, trying┬áto avoid it’s consequences. Although their position is that abortion is a form of murder; their actions and beliefs betray the fact that they really don’t take the idea of abortion seriously at all.

I’ll leave my position on it to another:

  1. Women are moral agents.

  2. Abortion is a kind of murder.

  3. Murder either committed or procured by a moral agent should be subject to some kind of punishment.

Pro-lifers profess to believe (2).

(3) is self-evident.

The recent Donald Trump abortion kerfuffle clearly showed that the pro-life movement does not believe that women should be subject to any kind of punishment for procuring an abortion.

Therefore, the pro-life movement rejects (1).

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