Orlando Shootings: pseudo religious faith

How predicable. The reactions are nothing new to see here.

Nothing has changed except another list of bodies added to the list of non-liberalized Islam. Gotta give credit to the #progressivegriefsquad, (who have a talent for crying on cue in perfect synchronization like a perfection of choreography credit to the hivemind) they will never give up on their mission to tame the wild dog that is Islam into their anti-traditional satanic pseudo-religion liberalism. They already neutered christianity and have it on a tight leash, and now they have a large pen of liberalized islamic bitchboys to stand up and scream their impotent indignation to show their supposed moral righteousness.

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A society of shopkeepers

With the disappearance of the upper class, there is nowhere to take refuge from the smugness of the middle class and the rudeness of the lower class.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

seen as a compliment to the english when it should be deemed insulting
shopkeepers is seen as a compliment to the english when it should be deemed insulting

Apologies for my temporary hiatus. No excuses, but it is in part due to the unholy admixture of labor and sloth. So I’ve been working at restaurants around the more upscale parts of town, and being in the service industry (which nearly all young people work in) I get to hear the conversations of the chattering classes, and all flavors of the bourgeois under the moon. I was told that it would be interesting working in the restaurant business since I get to interact with all sorts of people, especially the richer, more accomplished facets … Read More