The surburban alt-right white kids


"once you remove those immigrants we can go back to our american dream!"
“once you remove those immigrants we can go back to our american dream!”

Are you a true man of the right who would call himself a reactionary, a counter-revolutionary who opposes all manifestations of modernity? A person who understands that the west has abandoned its tradition its culture, its grounding in religion, and absolutely repudiates the spirit of the age that offers nothing but worldliness? That the problems that we have been experiencing now is just the culmination of hundreds of years of error in every realm of knowledge now nakedly manifesting itself after it has extinguished every ember of the Christian patrimony that the modern west has fed off of like a leech?

What M. Venner failed to notice is that population replacement has been going on for quite some time. The France that was shaped over the course of 1000 years by 40 kings—as Charles Maurras put it—had ended 225 years ago. Its Catholic population, structured by the three estates, was replaced by Jacobins, atheists, philosophes, Masons, Huguenots, and other assorted aliens. Just as a man is “brain dead” before the complete lifelessness of the body, so also was France spiritually dead a long time ago; in social terms, it may take a few generations for that death to be fully noticed on the material plane.

Or are you someone who claims to be from the right because you have a suburban white person mentality? You love your pristine middle-class living conditions and being around those of identical ethnicity to you? That you want to keep away from those smelly and violent immigrants who are threatening your way of life, your conception of normality that is merely room temperature because you have grown accustomed to it’s foul stench? Yes! Once we close the borders and remove all the immigrants who are would-be terrorists we can have once again Tranquility Lane free of foreigners and our lives are back to normal!!! So your back to having that comfortable bourgeois existence that has now become the definition of “western civilization.”

Yet the supposedly superior western civilization (which is the code word for the Enlightenment) has brought antitraditional aspects that has given people practical (living as if God doesn’t exist)  and theoretical atheism, nihilistic individualism, birth control and on-demand abortion as a human right, a universally secular climate where religion is anathema, an hypertrophied  emphasis on science to the neglect of real wisdom, worshipping of facts and trivia versus true knowledge, the frantic treadmill existence of chasing wealth and status, and a prideful rejection of authority which leads to the denial of the Father?

It is no wonder that all westernized countries suffer form below-replacement level birthrates. In a world such as this, what reason is there to have a family?

Of course, the middle-class white mentality would misplace its anger on radical islam, who to them is the “greatest threat to our civilization.” “Threatening our way of life!” Now its considered right-wing and upholding western tradition to defend homosexuality against the muslims, yet it seems like a lashing out, a forced clinging onto some sort of external threat to create a temporary unity in an already demoralized people.

Edit: The fact that these indignant nationalists are seeking justice and focusing entirely on muslim immigration and fighting the muslims as a just cause, yet are strangely quiet on legalized abortion being practiced is quite telling of their degeneracy. How is it that the melting point is mass immigration, and not the murder of unborn babies?

Those unwanted sons left a large gap in Europe: its factories could not be manned and its social programs could no longer be maintained without importing, by the millions, the wanted sons of other men. The blame cannot be placed on liberals, or neo-Marxists, or Jews. Weep for your unwanted sons, O Europe, and accept the consequences of your folly.

Even if we got those immigrants you have not removed the cancer that has weakened us to the point where foreign bodies invade.

The logic of that is unassailable and led M. Venner into a state of inner contradiction: Either end immigration and retain gay marriage or else increase immigration and gay marriage will disappear. This existential angst led him to his ostentatious “beau geste” {suicide}.


  • Hello there from a fellow Asian reactionary. What makes you feel sympathetic towards white people?

    • Thanks for commenting! It is not that I favor white people over other races, but that the entire world is shaped by the conflicts of the West, and that like a vortex all of the non-western world is sucked into its gravitational pull and is then brought into it’s ruin and degeneracy.
      The previous epoch of Christendom seemed relatively confined to the European peoples, although Christianity aims to be a universal religion rather than confined to a specific race, but the European peoples were the first to replace God with Man beginning with the Renaissance, (which revived the decadent and nihilistic philosophy and theology of the pagans as opposed to its supernatural heroic elements) culminating in the Enlightenment which continues to this day. Liberalism (in all its forms, Classical liberalism, marxism, nationalist socialism, libertarianism, fascism, although Liberalism exemplified in western europe and the usa has won it out) has been forcefully exported to the rest of the world, since as the antithesis of Christianity, is its own universal, international religion that demands everyone conform to it.
      The fact that the elites and propaganda singles out Christianity shows that they are attempting to destroy something that goes beyond the material world attacking an absolute truth, but in their laser-precision in attacking all of these principles they affirm its existence.

      The stakes are higher than they once were. Now, instead of it being confined to Europeans with consequences effecting the Europeans, the results will be global in scope. I do believe that after this epoch there will become a second Christendom which will be global, although of course the satanic forces have been doing everything to prevent this, or to drag as many people down with them, and have their last fix before it all ends.

      I think there is a cycle, and since the West and the Europeans were the first to fall, they will be the first to rise out of the ashes.

      As for Islam, I don’t know where it all fits into this but I do believe it will live long after Liberalism has been destroyed.