Spanking versus Grounding your child

The good old days of ass whipping
The good old days of ass whipping

Even when I was a young child I always found it facetious and quaint that the white kids I knew were not physically disciplined by their parents as punishment, but were instead “grounded,” which is to send them locked up in their room for an X amount of time until they “learned their lesson” and that their privileges of candy and television were suspended for the time being.

Asian parents disciplined their students with a rough spanking bare handed or with the infamous feather duster, and the punishment was simple and quick, the pain is immediate and speaks in a universal language that all unruly children understand rather than some abstract concept of being stuck in your room for hours to somehow ruminate upon your wrongdoings.

I think it’s fair to say that have your buttcheeks lacerated with splintering wood is more effective than the latter.

But why is it that white parents typically practice the non-physical punishment while non-whites such as asians do it the “old fashioned way?”

From the Macrocosm we get the Microcosm, things are derived from the top-down.

European Peoples, especially from The United States derive their values from Secular Humanism and Enlightenment, with America’s entire history being based upon these modernist worldviews/philosophies.

These values are in a stark contrast with non-european peoples who have retained a residue of their traditions, while the europeons have it as their “tradition” an anti-traditional deposit.

Corporal punishment for wrongdoers has been deemed for a long time now “inhumane”and “uncivilized” and “backwards.” So in it’s place we have a non-physical punitive system of imprisonment of criminals as a form of punishment. Long gone are the days of tying a shoplifter to a post and giving him forty lashes, instead he gets nine months in prison in a cell where they pay for his housing and food.

What is grounding an unruly child other than a family’s equivalent of imprisonment? And what is spanking a child other than a microcosm of a thief getting whipped for minor crimes?

Even schools that once had physical discipline with the paddle have been replaced with “time out” or detention (prisons have a detention center).

Of course such playground discussions among suburban parents on the different styles of discipline seems quotidian and trivial, but when such ideas are played out on a large scope it really does make a significance on the entire paradigm of a civilization and what exactly it is oriented upon.

So now we have entire nations (those damned progressive swedes!) that have made criminal the physical discipline of children, which is deemed a be a type of “domestic violence by the United Nations” (I really do miss the rule of thumb I must admit).

Another path down the road to progress and human rights!

These modern liberal worldviews deriving from the anti-traditional (AKA anti-christian) Enlightenment humanism has sought to replace and remake the entire edifice of the previous traditional order and in it’s place an edifice built entirety upon “Humanity,” removed from any sense of transcendence, or differentiation, or hierarchy, an absolute inversion of God’s order of good ol’ common sense.

So the culture wars continues on every front on every nook and cranny, from something a momentous as the championing of women’s rights to murder their children to criminalizing the lessons of the open-palm.

So everything has a metaphysical and profound underlying reason behind it, even something that seems so banal as choosing to either spank or ground a child, global subversion leaves no stone unturned.

From the federal penitentiaries, to the education institutions, to the family home, the battle is waged on every front and traditional minded-parents must be on the watch for the subversion being pushed.





  • Lue-Yee Tsang

    I hope no one’s buttcheeks are actually lacerated.