Resumes and Job Applications

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typical job resume

Writing a resume is engaging in the act of farcical pretenses, and it is done on a mass scale. When people hear of the term catch-22, they think about resumes since in most jobs the prerequisite for hiring is that you have previous work experience, and if you do not have that then it is an impossibility for a person actually obtain that position.

So on the microcosmic individual/personal level that is where people are most familiar of catch-22, but on a macrocosmic scale it becomes even more dehumanizing.

Since everyone has to participate in the same circle-jerking workforce, they are all required to bullshit some resume for their employers to read. Everybody knows that resumes are full of exaggerations and outright lies in order to make the applicant appear qualified, but people continue to keep the erroneous gravy-train rolling since there is an implicit acknowledgment among everyone that it is all worthless but to make a forthright acknowledgement of this truth would expose everyone to their own nakedness and absurdity that they already realize inside but would rather keep up the pretenses with plastic smiles and nods that attempt to display a forced camaraderie that shows itself in everyday interactions and glorified work titles that are pure euphemism.

Everyone is in on it, yet they continue on with their cookie-cutter hiring procedures in order to create the veneer of legitimacy in their egos that does not match up to what they see in right of them.