The plight of forums and comments sections


I have spent a large portion of my time browsing internet forums and have regretting almost every wall of text that I have read since they seem to never convert into any tangible form of knowledge, and every answer given seems to be full of air and wanting in content.

Everything seems to be in the second-handed knowledge in the form of hearsay, or the pontifications of an anonymous person who has no credibility and every weight of authority is measured in grains of salt.

I noticed that even the most strongly constructed arguments when expressed in the anonymity of a comment section or forum post, always leaves a void of doubt in the back of the reader’s head.

It seems almost a waste to entext one’s thoughts or facts on a matter since to do so in the medium of internet anonymity taints everything from any aura of credibility, to democratize one’s knowledge in a public conglomerate to be prostituted out there and to be chosen or dismissed at will.

Better then, to post a things at your own domain, your own video. Own your own content, express them on your turf where you are sovereign over your own.