People have to be told what to do

The average person, despite the connotation that being average entails mediocrity in all areas, is very reliable and hard working. That is, so long as it doesn’t involve their own personal interests and goals.

Most people show up to school on time. Punctuality is the name of the game as they consistently show up to class when they are supposed to. They do their homework and turn it in on time. When it comes to work, people do everything they can to not be late, to show up on time. They have sit through traffic everyday, a tedious daily ritual that they do unwavering without fail. With their bosses, they do what they are told and do their jobs reliably.

The fact that a teacher is charge of their grades and that their bosses are the ones putting out the paychecks, their authority is binding. It is this binding authority that allows the average person to be reliable and hard working. When it comes to making their company profit, workers can be expected to do what is expected of them.

When it comes to their personal lives and personal goals, the average person, having absolute freedom and without a linear path to guide them, walks around in circles, fabricating excuses and wallows in creature comforts. The same person who shows up to work on time everyday is the one who forgets to do his daily exercise, to go to his kid’s events, to accomplish his own dreams. Going into autopilot equates to following a predestined route, to follow the paid laid out. This works reliably when autopilot is set to a career, but is aimless when it comes to the meaningful things in life.

Hard work in the sense that you put in long hours at a job or career is easy due to muscle memory and being in the comfort zone. Hard work is hard in that it occupies large sums of time, is mental and physical erosion, and having to do repetitive actions over again against your natural proclivity towards variety.


Having a job initially is important where you need a daily source of income to stay afloat, but it is a stopgap for the goal and passion you really want to do that has to be consolidated first under 100% self conviction for an indefinite period of time before the first payoff.