Peasants versus Modern Employees

So for a while now I have read from multiple authors and sources that have shown that the myth of the barbaric and downtrodden “dark ages” was largely false and that the idea of some totalitarian demigod king who oppressed the miserable peasants with cruelty and mass slavery was merely propaganda and lies from the moderns who wanted to denigrate their medieval past to make their new order appear utopian in comparison.

I found yet another source in the most unexpected of places; an entrepreneurial book from a millionaire businessman. The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki;

The Medieval peasant had more freedoms and less taxes than the modern citizen
The Medieval peasant had more freedoms and less taxes than the modern citizen

The the idea of an “employee” was only a recent phenomenon, and followed after the dehumanizing and oppressive industrial era which continue to this day in Western countries in a “softer” more “benevolent” way than the more explicit and manifestly inhumane practices of the early eras.

Plenty of people (usually of the classical liberal i.e. conservative variety) in attempting to justify the supposed superiority of the modern liberal democratic governments and ideologies in comparison to their strawman caricature of previous traditional civilizations point out the last names of white people today (like Baker, Smith, or Carpenter) and how it was a remnant of the bygone past where there were rigid caste systems where there was no social mobility and that sons would unfortunately follow the professions of their fathers.

What they also fail to point out is that the medieval ages actually had a fair amount of social mobility, and also that maybe it was that families respected and cherished their trade, and that crafts learned through family lineages were to be passed on lovingly by their progeny?