My Roadtrip

California Acres of Green
What most of California looks like for hundreds of miles

I do not yearn for a virgin nature, a nature without the peasant’s ennobling footprint and without the palace crowning the hill.
But a nature safe from plebeian industrialism and irreverent manipulation.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

The night before I left to my roadtrip to Washington, I heard on the news (alternate and mainstream) that the Bundy’s have occupied land in Oregon and there could be another standoff between armed citizenry and the federal government. Other than the fact that this issue is a conflict between the people and the government, I also found it relevant since I was going to pass Oregon on my way to my destination.

When you hear the word California (what conservatives call Commiefornia), you think of the epitome of the liberal progressive state. Imagines conjured … Read More

The most recent idea of Equality

So I just picked up a copy of Mortimer Adler’s Magnum Opus, The Great Ideas: A Lexicon of Western Thought at the local library (what he calls endearingly The Syntopicon), a behemoth book nearly 1000 pages that is a compilation of 102 ideas that have constituted the 25 centuries of Western thought under perennial discourse among the most influential thinkers from from Plato to Marx.

I am familiar with Adler with his most well known book, How to Read a Book which would seem superfluous to many, but reading is a complex activity that takes skill to master as he said is akin to a person pitching a baseball and the other catching, and the end of the book has a compilation of the great books which he recommends to read, so consider The Great Ideas, the synthesis … Read More

Are women as capable as men?

Are women as capable as men?

Forget Google. Forget “doing your own research,” which means spending hours reading all these studies and articles which span thousands of pages from so-called experts and journalists which ultimately concludes in nothing but a biased agenda where the question that this post is titled after only arrived after said experts created an nonexistent artificial problem to be answered with artificial answers. In a normal society this question wouldn’t even be brought up.

The answer is right in front of those who have the slightest modicum of sane observation, but for those who are not so sure, the answer can be found inside themselves with a simple question.

Look at all the institutions and professions that were once exclusivity occupied by men (excluding the anomaly of female exceptions). The military, business, academia, science, , engineering, … Read More

Beauty is not subjective


modern art does not create, but only exists to subvert
modern art does not create, but only exists to subvert the good

The idea of having a discriminating taste or a sense of what is the true and the beautiful and then saying that there is a absolute standard that transcends individual opinions and goes beyond mere human preferences is something that is taboo, almost evil in our world today. After all, doesn’t everybody simply have different tastes and preferences and that it all comes down to the person and that there is nothing more to it?

Or is it that what a person considers to be beautiful and true something that reveals their character and how they are grounded to reality and to see if they conform their preferences to the standards of reality or they would rather have reality conform to them?

Cartoons are an excellent way to … Read More

Denying the Human Soul

why is the soul so difficult to deny among the common man?
why is the soul so difficult to deny among the common man?

The public education system from kindergarten to college has given students a grounding of reality that allows them to be oriented into the society that they live in (a secular liberal democracy).

Under the propaganda of the education system we are given a strictly materialistic scientific perspective of the world, and we are given foundational mythologies such as the triumph of human reason and the emancipation of man from the supposed shackles of the past, where science was the light that brought humanity out of the darkness of superstitious religions.

Since the scientific method’s starting point nullifies any factor that goes beyond the material and is strictly limited to the empirical senses, and that the zenith of intellectual thought in the modern world is of the rational scientific … Read More

The Dissonance from Speaking to Writing

Only in man's primordial state is expression indistinguishable from thought
Only in man’s primordial state is expression indistinguishable from thought

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve started this website, and I only have a handful of posts, but this cannot be purely attributed to mere laziness. I have a vast horizon of drafts that I have stored up, and when my creative energies swell and give birth to a flux of fireflies, I am quick to catch and store their essence before they burnout to the ephemeral corporality that housed them. Sometimes they are taken whole, most other times they are merely fragments that I must piece together from recollection piecemealed and meshed together with a synpotical assortment of my knowledge.

In order to write, one must catch the igniting spark of spontaneous clairvoyance from without and to forge it into a solid, articulate form while the iron sears … Read More

Drifting Apart

alone in a crowd
alone in a crowd

 “Everyone feels the absence of his relative who is away from home. The particular symptom of the age of Kali is that no family is now blessed to live together. To earn a livelihood, the father lives at a place far away from the son, or the wife lives far away from the husband and so on. There are sufferings from internal diseases, separation from those near and dear, and anxieties for maintaining the status quo. These are but some important factors which make the people of this age always unhappy.”

               -The Kali Yuga

In a society that sees the basic human unit as the individual forcefully thrust out onto the breach alone to be coerced into freedom,  liberated from the supposed shackles of yesteryear, what happens is not a sovereign unto himself, but a single … Read More

Evil Evil Nazis

evil patriarchal totalitarian racist oppressive priviledged white man george zimmerman murdered innocent baby messiah trayvon martin
evil patriarchal totalitarian racist oppressive privileged white man george zimmerman murdered innocent baby messiah trayvon martin

Progressivism is premised upon the idea that it is a living, breathing organism that changes with the times and that these changes mark the gradual improvement of human development of thought, and since everything is a continual work-in-progress, updates are being constantly stacked on top of previous iterations where the latest version is better off the merits of it building upon the previous one which is outdated the moment the next update is ready for upload, or dissemination in the human sphere.

This is a two-way street however, as the list of add-ons or changes is listed as a pro on one side, and contrasted as something that has been rejected on the other, which its competitor, the old dead horse of Nazism has … Read More

Modern People are Sexually Confused


So several years ago a youtube video went viral (youtube loves to put progressive agendas on the front page) where a bunch of lesbians openly conspired to “steal” the boyfriends of straight women because they (and society) assume that they are far more appealing to men since they have male interests and don’t do boring girly stuff like shopping. Men today are so insecure and disordered in themselves they are attracted to women who take on traits of a man. 

Men and Women today do not understand the complementary relationship between man and woman, although the problem isn’t that they don’t understand, it’s because they what they desire is disordered and they refuse to conform to the nature of things, forcing what it is to what it should be, which entails molding everything into perspective to their perversions … Read More

Grinding is not a Virtue


Most people are hard workers because they willingly funnel into society’s standard that grinding is a virtue.

They choose to do so because since they have no principles of their own and adopt it because it helps to pick lower standards so that it can fit them.

The mediocre instead of compelling themselves to great heights, lower it so that they don’t even have to leave their couch.

They might not actually think so, but they must be rightly entitled to some sort of recognition for wasting their lives away for someone else under their own will.

Of course, those who do think so are so far down the rabbit hole they must be getting high off sniffing satan’s ass.

What is grinding? The video game genre that has the most negative connotation as a time wasting activity for … Read More