Orlando Shootings: pseudo religious faith

How predicable. The reactions are nothing new to see here.

Nothing has changed except another list of bodies added to the list of non-liberalized Islam. Gotta give credit to the #progressivegriefsquad, (who have a talent for crying on cue in perfect synchronization like a perfection of choreography credit to the hivemind) they will never give up on their mission to tame the wild dog that is Islam into their anti-traditional satanic pseudo-religion liberalism. They already neutered christianity and have it on a tight leash, and now they have a large pen of liberalized islamic bitchboys to stand up and scream their impotent indignation to show their supposed moral righteousness.

I am impressed with the religious conviction these progressives have, first the islamic terrorists murdered the elites of the journalist chattering class in charlie hebdo who are really just expendable, but now they have struck at the heart of progress with the exalted and most protected of the victim groups: homosexuals and yet they don’t even skip a beat! Of course, redirect the hatred and indignation towards the “bad seeds” (AKA those religious believers who refuse to bow before liberalism, and ALL major religions oppose homosexuality), and to gain the loyalty of those who would conform their faith to progress.

Of course, the neutered and tamed pseudo-christians use this as a perfect opportunity to inject their moralism and sense of humanity into the tragedy, #prayfororlando. I wonder, if the thought ever crossed their minds as to the fact that the final moments of the victim’s lives were at a homosexual club and what ramifications this could have.

After the pitiful protests arising from the progressives lashing out at air at supposed right-wing groups or christians , or privileged white people, who in their eyes are 100% to blame, it is just another deja vu just like the massacre of mediocre cartoonists at charlie hebdo and the paris attacks.

Of course, these expected events always accomplish the same task, which accelerates the process of the inevitable leftward drift which is the strange matrix we live in where the progressive faux-brahmin (priestly) class advances the narrative and the flow of progress with their suicidal tendencies of inclusion of hostile foreigners while the “level-headed” and anti-islamic justice-seeking faux-ksatriyas (warriors) conservative class amps up their anti-islamic stance and strengthens their resolve to defending secular liberal democratic values that they previously rejected (those who were opposed to homosexuality just several years ago now are it’s fiercest defenders against the “jihadist savages!”) By doing so, the conservatives yet again strengthen the progressives worldview (who in turn convert the conservatives without them realizing it) and prevent them from suicide by overdose.

Two sides who believe themselves to be in opposition to one another, in a strange fusion of unity consolidates and continually evolves the greatest christian heresy ever known and further moves the western world into atheistic nihilism.

Let no person after these events claim that mankind has progressed past religion or faith. Tragedy and persecution strengthens a person’s religious convictions whereas a decadent comfortable existence completely crushes any sense of the divinity.   In times of mass catastrophe or death people default to instinct to hold onto faith and to cling to a rock, an encompassing over-arching worldview that unites everything off its common denominator and binds the masses or families together and temporarily removes the aspect of differences, apathy, and individualism normally found in society.

Where the normal society in times of tragedy cling to the cross and Jesus, now they cling to the anti-christian ideals of the so-called enlightenment. A universal, cosmopolitan consumer man who is without country, without God, without culture or bloodlines, without any form of differentiation except the all-encompassing term “humanity.” The common unifying secular-religion of humanity being one world under worldliness, with science and progress as it’s road towards manifest destiny.  The secular-state religion of The United States of America by today’s standards seems to be going the way of the dinosaurs, since nationalism is being replaced in favor for a one-world conglomerate since those who rock the red, white, and blue are now archaic, backwards, 2nd amendment loving bigots!

Of course, what better way for status signaling your faith in humanity and multicultural tolerance than the atheistic-satanic creed Imagine, from the highly overrated John Lennon, who is probably sitting poolside roasting in hell right now next to Satan!

However, don’t think that this piece is going to only going to zero-in on the progressives! The conservatives, who represent the bourgeois class and values who were the ones who overturned the previous order of throne and altar, are after all the classical liberals. Being the “middle class,” they are in an indefensible precarious position of supporting  the irreconciliable contradictions of revolution and tradition, opposing both the aristocratic and proletariat, attempting to balance out God and the Secular State. Of course, these hundreds of years of history and logic have proven that the conservatives and their attempt to keep the values of classical liberalism in stasis at their favored point in time have failed, as they have danced to the tune of their progressive masters without realization, and its quite sad really to see that the cyclical cycle of history is merciless, with marxism being the bane of classical liberalism, which is it’s hard counter, meaning that socialism/marxism in a sense, is designed to completely destroy classical liberalism.

Just as how the leftist progressives cling to their faith, the conservatives latch onto their most prized creed, the second amendment cult which they guard jealously and sleep with one eye open against the police-state boogeyman. They pay tribute to their creed with the NRA and start collectively masturbating to fantasies of the second american revolution led by the self-styled guy fawkes and john galts, individualistic entrepreneurial supermen overturning the evil government and finally getting muh freedums!

After your regularly scheduled mass-shootings, what always happens is the mass anti-gun hatred of the left manifests itself into the desire to ban the ar-15, the sacred symbol of freedom and “murica!” for the conservatives, and the weapon of mass destruction that if banned, would be a beacon for celebration for the left’s destruction of american middle-class values, where the freeman is represented by his rifle.

So after every mass shooting, the fear of the rifle’s ban has every liberty-lover go to his nearest gunstore to hoard up on them and save em for a rainy day (AKA THE Government). 

what the conservatives and libertarians will never understand is that freedom is just a means and not an end
what the conservatives and libertarians will never understand is that freedom is just a means and not an end

What the conservatives and libertarians, in their simplistic contempt for non-practical thinking and anything that goes beyond what lies in front of the individual’s face or the economy, or base utilitarianism have completely forgotten is the values and principles that their sacred-golden-calf of the first and second amendments (their most prized and worshipped of the “sacred document”) was supposed to supposedly champion. They mistake those rights for the ends in themselves, so they have their ar-15’s pointed out their doorway proclaiming their freedom to blast any sunnavabitch who dares violate their private property while their daughters are getting fucked next door, their sons getting sodomized as a basic “right” and their churches and communities getting more corrupt and immoral while they champion their apparent individual freedoms since nobody has yet forcefully attempted to evict them out of their property.


taking away guns from right-liberals is like denying the cross to christians
taking away guns from right-liberals is like denying the cross to christians, their faith always strengths after shootings with the progressive bashlash

Of course, the conservatives love to proclaim their “god-given rights” and their love of God and their christian tradition. Yet it is all empty-rhetoric. What they champion as their defense of a “Christian nation” (which never existed) really amounts to liberalism that they only object to when the forgoes the slow boiling method of the frog (them) in favor for the fast cooking where they have no time to grow accustomed to progress.

Of course, the progressive’s evangelizing of the entire planet to liberalism, like all religions would be impotent without the backing of physical force. Good thing they have the militant conservative class ready to tame these countries that dare defy the politically and religiously “neutral,” (which it is not) “free-world” liberal democracies that the conservatives champion as the greatest advancement in human history!

The overton window inevitably moves leftwards, and the conservatives basically ask the progressives without knowing, “Which way, western man?”

John Lennon would be proud. I can see them playing this anthem for the next shooting.