Neutrality the highest virtue and celebrities

When a celebrity voices his/her political or religious beliefs, it is either met with a simple eye-roll or a feeling of disappointment, as if a person of such high prestige has stooped so low as to express something that should have been left behind closed doors, that they have suddenly gone beyond the pale and have tarnished their exalted position by touched upon something that should have never been brought up.

Celebrities are the modern world’s equivalent to an aristocracy, an elite who people look up to them as the model of the higher values of society. Under Christendom, the aristocracy and clergy are to be imitated in order to mirror the teachings of Christ, as they are the refined exemplars.

In modern Liberal Democracies, the highest value is neutrality. Not having a stance on any particular issue but being above all contentions as some sort of neutral arbitrator between disputes of any controversial issue. As above so below, the macrocosm and the microcosm. Isn’t this what the foundations of modern government are? Freedom of speech, all topics are up to debate, all religions are equal, that all opinions matter and should be given attention to? So having a strong opinion on something is somehow extremist or radical, since it disturbs the body politic of individuals each with differing contradictory perspectives so a “balanced” approach where one is Amoral is seen better than one who is Moral who would pontificate in either word or action.

So with our celebrities, we expect them to be purely practical, in the sense that they perform their jobs in entertainment but nothing more. It is not a topic of them speaking out for morality or immorality, but Amoral, having no stance. This is the most respectable position, and one that does not start conflict upon anybody else.

Just as in our supreme court or legal system, they are the law of society who are to be respected in their profession that makes no moral statements, celebrities are to be seen in a similar standard although they do not necessarily have any obligation to do so.