My Roadtrip

California Acres of Green
What most of California looks like for hundreds of miles

I do not yearn for a virgin nature, a nature without the peasant’s ennobling footprint and without the palace crowning the hill.
But a nature safe from plebeian industrialism and irreverent manipulation.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

The night before I left to my roadtrip to Washington, I heard on the news (alternate and mainstream) that the Bundy’s have occupied land in Oregon and there could be another standoff between armed citizenry and the federal government. Other than the fact that this issue is a conflict between the people and the government, I also found it relevant since I was going to pass Oregon on my way to my destination.

When you hear the word California (what conservatives call Commiefornia), you think of the epitome of the liberal progressive state. Imagines conjured of tanned libertine girls in bikinis in SoCal, and loud n’proud rainbow sons of sodomy in NorCal. You think of the frantic pace and go-getting lifestyle of the socialites and businessmen in the cities, and the iconic lights of millions of inhabitants in LA which reveal a city that never rests, which pulsates with the endless cars lighting the highway.

Yet, when I drove through California to reach Oregon and Washington, I saw millions of acres of grass and farmland which is the antithesis of the California that people are familiar with. The population density wasn’t claustrophobic, and there was no traffic congestion that is symbolic of man’s life in the city. It seemed that life here would be serene, the eyes surrounded by a picturesque setting that put one’s heart at pace with the soul in a most idyllic atmosphere. The land was not virgin, but even better since it seemed to be in the loving hands of ranchers and farmers who tended to its well-being, but for the vast majority of it was surrounded by waist-high barbed wire fences that although is no true obstruction, is a manifest signification of the land being owned by another like some nubile marriageable-aged virgin locked in a transparent cage for no good reason. Why would the government restrict and close off the land to other people? What do they have to benefit for withholding land that is of no use to them?

It seems that the government just wants to restrict the freedoms and self-sufficiency of those who live the rural lifestyle, the people who enjoy the liberty and true autonomy of not being tightly regulated and watched in the claustrophobic and neurosis inducing urban metropolises of the big cities, or the dead-end limbo of the suburbs. The further I went from the cosmopolitan centers, the more people seemed to love Jesus and hate Obama.

Driving through all this land untouched by the filthy termites who build abominable mounds of concrete and the pot-bellied avaricious pigs who build soulless cookie-cutter strip-malls, and the corporate high-priests who build skyscrapers signaling tribute to their god Mammon, I thought of the natural and dignified position of man in an agrarian civilization and how this was man in a traditional society. Not the communitarian, promiscuous, noble savage myth perpetuated by  decadent metropolitan hippies who would probably die within a few days if they got off their Starbucks wifi connection and apartment. The revolution and forces of subversion know that rural agrarian societies are the last vestiges of the traditional order, and so they do anything that they can to prevent that life from being practiced by those who wish to stray away from the thousand invisible hair-thin shackles hat envelop man and constrict his movement and buoyancy of life with barbs of paralyzes that he cannot distinctly feel.


  • True to a tee Dan. The denizens of the countryside(if not the countryside itself), are truly the last bastion. Rugged individuals. Already the mainstream/social media are calling for an armed resolution to the Bundy affair(no surprise). They are acting as though this small group are Mongols besieging the gates! They have obviously rattled some nerves. Good on them. The Liberal Left is nervous………………….