Moralism and Outrage against Nazi regime

Throughout K-12 I never liked learning in class lectures about the oppressive Nazi regime. In high school our english teacher had us reading Night (a book everyone in America’s education system would have read on the recollections of a holocaust survivor), and we would have our own personal journal to summarize our thoughts on the auto-biographical novel. Of course to me such events are tragic and horrifying but there is only so much you can put onto paper with nothing but superfluous adjectives as fillers just to express your moral indignation before it becomes overdone and tedious.  Tell us about the most tragic event in human history the first time and we will be horrified. Keep telling it a dozen times after and it feels like an overdone lesson that warrants merely an eye-roll and people will just tune out.

But really what is the main lesson in hammering the number 6 million in our heads day-in and day-out?

What image conjures in my head is some Leftist SJW addicted to outrage like a hillbilly is addicted to crack whispering with tears in her eyes with a sharp tone of justice and a declarative statement of affirmation saying

“Never Again…”

Her words just hanging there in air that whispers through in pseudo-profundity that is supposed to echo through the rest of time as some sort of lesson that mankind must take heed.

As I have gotten older I realized that these classroom lessons indoctrinations really don’t serve much of a purpose other than self-aggrandizing the ego of millions of Americans who want to feel a sense of self-righteousness and a moral superiority over the rest of the world.

As I have gotten olden I realized that learning about the holocaust with chants of “never again” and “stop history from repeating itself” is a total farce and downright hypocritical when you put into perspective America’s own mortal sins. An objective observer who does not play favorites can readily see if they are not cold-blooded from the propaganda and therefore not acclimatized to room temperature the atrocities committed everyday in this country as the life of the nine-to-five passes by.

When we learned about the Nazi regime rounding up jews to be slaughtered en masse and dissidents who dared resist in words or actions getting carried away to be executed by the secret police, we are all somehow astounded on how for the majority of the german citizens life merely went on as usual as if nothing tragic were happening. From going to school, getting married, a morning coffee before work, a drive to the grocery store, the mirror of quotidian life never seemed to have been shattered.

Such indifference! Such immoral ignorance! The german people must have been quite vile to have happily allow the jews to be sent away to their fate! They did not fight for their liberties and to stand up against the dictatorship and atrocities of Hitler!

Propaganda creates an atmosphere where there is no sense of urgency, where all action is bogged down into fruitless discussion, where the neurotic panicking masses who would be in a state of ceaseless suspense on some horrific agenda of the government is permanently locked away in the recesses of their mind so that life can simply go on in normalcy.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

(A most expected platitudinous quote is inserted to express the inevitable moral outrage all people must feel on-cue).


Americans are so brainwashed and pumped-up with a false sense of patriotic superiority (for the conservatives) or simply calling good evil and evil good (the progressives) that they cannot clearly see that their regime is worse than the nazis! America is quite possibly THE most wicked mass-murdering genocidal nation in the existence of the human race!

Most significantly, the evil of abortion can never be admitted, becaue America could never bear to assume the guilt that this would imply.  It would mean that we have committed the greatest crime in human history, the greatest mass-murder of all time.  Even this understates the magnitude of our infamy, because our murders were not, like those of the Jacobins and Bolsheviks, directed primarily at strangers, but rather at our own children.  And this was not only allowed by statute, but according to our Supreme Court, demanded by our fundamental constitution.  In God’s sight, America is more contemptible than Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.  Simple justice, it would seem, demands that the USA be exterminated, its cities burned, and its ground sown with salt. 

Yet life goes on. People are stuck in rush-hour each morning trying to make it to work on time, people are getting worked up over their marriage or future divorce, their favorite team might win the super bowl this year, the kids are on social media, a student is trying to pass his exams to get into an ivy league, call of duty 12 is releasing next week. As quotidian as any other society.

As 2000 infants are butchered everyday with as much consistency as a ford assembly line, planned parenthood with it’s doors open for business like dunkin donuts, Life goes on. 

There is no sense of urgency, Americans will not rush to forcibly halt the clinics like how a man would rush to his home to stop the murder of his family, but takes a casual stroll through the park and knows that the manner can be somehow resolved through some post-mortem negotiation in court.

Propaganda in a modern democratic society makes an existential crisis of mass murder rendered quotidian by turning it into a matrix of classroom discussion and civil debates at the coffee table and courtrooms.

When future generations of citizens will have been educated on the evil totalitarian genocidal regimes of nations such as The Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, The United States of America stands shoulders above all the rest on it’s almost seamless integration of atrocity diluted in propaganda and for conjuring an illusion of freedom on its slaves.

But as for now, stop talking about the holocaust.

Clean out your own filthy backyard before you go on telling people to clean theirs

Before turning the mirror onto other nations, first look at yourselves in the mirror

Stop lecturing Germany or Russia for something that happened over half a century ago

And please America, just shut the hell up and just let life go on, just as it always has