Modernity: Competitors or Enemies?

The purpose of this book is to show the character of leftism and to what extent and in what way the vast majority of the leftist ideologies now dominating or threatening most of the modern world are competitors rather than enemies. This, we think, is an important distinction. Shoe factory A is a competitor of shoe factory B, but a movement promoting the abolition of footwear for the sake of health is the enemy of both.

-Leftism From De Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse, Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

modernity; different brands of shoe companies
modernity; different flavors of shoe brands

Modernity, what Pope Pius X has deemed the synthesis of ALL heresies is so universally pervasive that it is like the air we breathe and take for granted. Practically every political view, religiosity, sentiment, and everyday opinion falls within the matrix of modernity, and all the conflicts and disagreements that happen on the day-to-day basis and hot-button issues fall within its scope and gives people the impression that these differing ideologies are polar opposites and diametrically opposed enemies when they are mere competitors who want to sell their own brand of ideologue instead of seeing the entire system itself as bunk and rejecting it wholesale.

The conservative is a person who is abused daily by modernity, yet clings to it lovingly like a battered woman who will leap upon anyone in rage in defense of her abuser. The progressive, the drug addict who would have died of overdose if not for his conservative enabler to keeps them alive for their next fix.

The conservative and progressive are the two forces that seem to be in conflict, yet with their joint collaboration keep the beast of modernity alive by moving in lockstep.

The communist hates capitalism with the Oedipus complex.
The reactionary views it only with xenophobia. (#316)

Leftists and rightists merely argue about who is to have possession of industrial society.
The reactionary longs for its death. (#2,179)

-Nicolas Gomez Davila