Modern People are Sexually Confused


So several years ago a youtube video went viral (youtube loves to put progressive agendas on the front page) where a bunch of lesbians openly conspired to “steal” the boyfriends of straight women because they (and society) assume that they are far more appealing to men since they have male interests and don’t do boring girly stuff like shopping. Men today are so insecure and disordered in themselves they are attracted to women who take on traits of a man. 

Men and Women today do not understand the complementary relationship between man and woman, although the problem isn’t that they don’t understand, it’s because they what they desire is disordered and they refuse to conform to the nature of things, forcing what it is to what it should be, which entails molding everything into perspective to their perversions and inadequacies. When people embrace the anti-human desires they become the opposite of what they are, they desire what is contrary by seeking refuge by going deeper into the pit of dissolution.

Stories used to involve the Hero defending or saving his Lady, and in victory claim ownership of her. His force of will creates in her willful welcoming surrender. Now we have stories presented in movies, comics, and books on the “High Powered Couple,” an antimatter of fantasy that has no resonance in reality where the woman is thrown into a man’s world and they kick ass together like global egalitarian superheroes.

What we should be concerned with is not only the overly flamboyant homosexual who brazenly flaunts his counterfeit femininity and leaves no question for his sexual ambiguity, but the typical modern man, the fag.

What is a fag? What I mean by this word isn’t the direct synonym of homosexual, but that a fag is a man who isn’t homosexual, but might as well be as his inadequacy or confusion as to his masculinity pushes him into the anti-human pit of desire what seeks a complement to his disordered nature, hence he finds sexy and desirable in a woman who has taken upon herself aspects of a man although he has not reached the full-fledged level of a homosexual. This principle applies also to the dyke, the female equivalent to the fag.

The fag takes on many stereotypical characteristics of a “dudebro”, he finds it “hot” that a woman shares in his interests such as sports, videogames, and that he finally has met the perfect woman, the highly coveted “one of the guys.”

Example: The typical sexy hot chick on the front cover of Maxim who is even more attractive to men when she finally reveals that her hobbies pertain to playing Call of Duty and kicks-back with the bros on the weekends and swears like a sailor, and has no hook-up hang-ups since sex is so matter-of-fact. The perfect woman, much less hassle and commitment than those lame affectionate overly-attached girly girls!

Example: A heroine who has the force of will of a male character, a shaker and mover who kicks ass and takes names and leads the male character and shows him the ropes. Role Reversal. (Think Megan Fox in Transformers with Shia Lebeouf, Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt).

Example: The heroic dynamic duo high powered couple who are equal in rank, have the same ass-kicking job and seem more like comrades than lovers. (Sword Art Online, Mister and Mister Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, every videogame with a female character). People in law enforcement also do this, which probably explains their high divorce rates.

Anime geeks are especially attracted to these female action-girl characters since it envelops and fills their void of masculinity where they can live the hero’s fantasy except this time having their hand held by some heroine who guides them the way and slays dragons and evil robots as they look in awestruck infatuation the same way a princess reacts to a dashing knight.

Men and Women who desire a “friends with benefits” (**** buddies) with zero sexual connection or intimacy while at the same time being good friends are asexual and are extremely anti-human, since who they desire and what satisfies them has no requirements of being the opposite sex, in fact the perfect ideal is a best friend (as in same-sex friend) who hypothetically has the sexual organs and appearance of an attractive person of the opposite sex, essentially a hermaphrodite.

Ever Notice How Football Teams (obviously male ones) always have cheerleaders? (obviously female). Ever notice that the hot sexy cheerleader that you (the nerd protagonist) always fantasize about is always dating the star quarterback? The football player is good at what he does, direct mastery while the female is in the supporting role. Now imagine a female football player in confusion as to why male football players aren’t attracted to her but instead are attracted to weak dependent girls such as cheerleaders and not a strong, athletic player like her. That is feminism in a nutshell. Women who erroneously think that taking on the role of a man makes them attractive, and that being in the supporting role is degrading and sexist. Since everything is a social construct I guess they think it pays off to pretend to have a dick.

I also need to mention that I don’t see why nerds in movies always pine after the cheerleader and hold contempt for the athlete when those are two roles that perfectly complement each other. The nerd can become a doctor where he is complemented by the nurse, or the scientist with the assistant, and i’m sure there are some chess club groupies for his stable. Hollywood for some reason likes to create a narrative that ectomorphic dweebs are poor lonely victims who deserved to have the warmth and comfort of a sexy hot girl while leaving out poor Gretchin out of the equation. Sexist!

  • I doubt things will be like this once society collapses. All these lesbians will crave for strong men to protect them, and they will be happy to be cooks/sewers/housewives for them. For now though, modern urban society is poisonous because it allows women to not have to fulfill their natural womanly tasks and to be able to have male interests instead.