Mab Libs: Replacing Islam with Christianity


Defending my God given Rights to Sodomy! Muh Sodomy!
Defending my God given Rights to Sodomy! Muh Sodomy!

Greetings Readers! Today we are all going to have some fun playing Mad Libs! We are going to have a short summary of the Liberal position on Islam and we are going to replace the word Islam with Christianity in the sentences to see if it makes any difference!

Mad Liberal: Islam is an evil, filthy, oppressive religion!

Islam enslaves women, it is against women’s rights and feminism! Women have to obey their husbands, and cannot have an empowering career in a corporate office doing spreadsheets from 9-5! Islam also forbids abortion! How evil can they be for having laws on what women can do to their bodies?

Islam is hatred! It opposes Homosexuality! Homosexuality is a western value and tradition that Islam is willing to destroy! Executing gays by throwing them off buildings is wrong! Everybody should live the life that they want as long as it subjects itself to Liberalism!

Islam is against liberal democratic government and society! Islam wants us to worship god, and have laws based upon god’s law! That is oppression! Capital Punishment for adultery and homosexuality? That’s so wrong! We want manmade laws and constitutions! Committing adultery, filming pornography, legalizing drug use, and reading blasphemous cartoons and movies and legalizing bestiality/euthanasia is freedom! The People are sovereign, not some arbitrary proclamation of god!

Islam teaches us that God is truth! But modern western values is everybody can think and do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t harm another person and that everybody has their own opinion what truth is! Nobody really has any right to tell anyone what they should do or think! Islam sounds totalitarian!

So why do supposedly christian conservatives have all these accusations against Islam when christianity is no different on these issues? The answer is simple: They are not christian, they are liberals, the de facto universal religion of the west, and they don’t even know it. 

And by Liberal, I don’t mean the modern meaning of the word as in Leftist Socialist Hippies teaching Queer Studies at the Universities and Anti-Gun SJW’s.

Liberalism as in the anti-christian ideology that sprung from the Enlightenment that has spawned different denominations such as:

Classical Liberalism, Libertarianism, Marxism, Cultural Marxism, Anarchy, Democratic Socialism, Nationalistic Socialism, and Fascism.