The Liberator Pistol: Spontaneous Rebellion for Freedom Fighters

FP-45 Liberator

The Liberator Pistol is the epitome of the Liberal idea of spontaneous order that somehow organizes together by some un-explainable brainwave of consciousness that creates real change, a real shock to the System (Central Power, The State, ect) applied in times of war for people subjugated in hostile territory.

The idea was that allied aircraft would drop supplies of the FP-45 en masse onto Nazi occupied territory and have the would-be resistance fighters utilize this clumsy, poorly-built single-shot pistol to neutralize the German occupiers. The sheer volume of these handguns being dropped in enemy territory would demoralize and instill fear in the Axis forces, since there would be too many to remove and so each citizen would potentially be armed.

The idealized rebel utopian fantasy execution of this Liberator Pistol concept was that an insurgent/resistance fighter in occupied territory would go up to an axis occupier, perhaps ask him for a cigarette for distraction, headshot him with the Liberator, then take his superior gun as a replacement.  This causes a type of chain reaction or domino effect that is a type of weapons-singularity since the Liberators would then be upgraded with the Rifles of the Axis Occupiers killed which would even lead up to a machinegun like the MG-42 and so the once unarmed disorganized resistance fighters would develop into a full-fledged combat unit.

Basically Call of Duty’s Gun Game in Real Life.

“”Each player starts with the same basic pistol. Every time you kill an enemy with your gun, you’re upgraded to the next weapon.”

Of course a sponsor in the US Military airdropping these Liberator Pistols provides the logistics and a top-down order, but after that it relies on disorganized prisoners somehow forming themselves into organized resistance fighters who who will overthrow Power (the regime) thanks to a technology (FP-45) that introduced a shock into the system of Power that allows for spontaneous change, as if this technology as a gift from the gods as a sign of a mass surge of rebellion into liberty.  A Waking Up, A Mass Consciousness.

Of course, the Liberator project was a disaster and soon scrapped:

“General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s staff never saw the practicality in mass dropping the Liberator over occupied Europe, and authorized distribution of fewer than 25,000 of the half million FP-45 pistols shipped to Great Britain for the French resistance. Generals Joseph Stilwell and Douglas MacArthur were similarly unenthusiastic about the other half of the pistols scheduled for shipment to the Pacific. The Army then turned 450,000 Liberators over to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which preferred to supply Resistance fighters in both theatres with more effective weapons whenever possible.”

“French use of the FP-45 remains undocumented.”

Another example of how unrealistic and fantastical any concept of Liberalism really is, pretty much anything that even has a whiff of that Anarchist Ontology.

Of course, The United States has been far more effective ever since their little-failed experiment in fomenting and funding rebellions/resistance groups.