Liberal Democracy’s Peaceful Transition of Power and Abortion

One of the justifications and alibis that people have for the supremacy and maintenance of Liberal Democracies/Republics is the concept of the peaceful transition of power. They claim that in previous systems, a change in government or ruling class required a violent coup or war in order for a change, and that revolutions should be gentler, less bloody, and that a voting system should be put in place to allow for a pacifistic revolution.

Yet the existence of Abortion completely repudiates the entire idea of a peaceful transition of power and turns Liberal Democratic States into a global genocide mill. Even worse is that the negotiating, discussion-oriented and obligatory neutrality which is the quasi-virtue of Liberal Democratic society on all topics paralyzes decisive absolute declarations into an endless discussion where the wheels are constantly spinning to maintain some sort of gridlock that demophiles claim is the balance or moderation that makes for a stable society. All while the meatgrinder of women’s emancipation is grinding up the corpses of the unborn pasted into the waste bins which is just the daily morning-after defecation of the wretchedness of the liberal individualism’s pleasure-pain principle diet.

All this is happening while the “principled” conservatives in the classrooms and in the townhalls and legislations talk of respecting all opinions and the sacred 1st amendment and how a civil and well-dressed debate between two opposing parties is the acme of a democratic peaceful society, all this talk while the real action is taking place in the abattoirs of the planned parenthood facilities, and the life of infants lies in the hands of the next election cycle and great townhall discussion.

The climate of Liberalism that creates this atmosphere that all in society inhale creates a laxity in mind and action, a certain bourgeois creature comfort that doesn’t rush things, doesn’t have a sense of urgency, where everything can be indefinitely suspended into some conversation in a cafe with some coffee where the critical, and fatal decision can be completely forgone.

The pen and ballot is truly bloodier than the sword in it’s endless scribbling and polemics that results in a death of a thousand inkblots as opposed to a single, fatal thrust.

“The essence of liberalism is negotiation, a cautious half measure, in the hope that the definitive dispute, the decisive bloody battle, can be transformed into a parliamentary debate and permit the decision to be suspended for ever in an everlasting discussion. This mercantile frame of mind also marks overtly theological liberalism.”

-Carl Schmitt