ISIS Magazine: How I came to Islam


Christians need a magazine like this as an alternative to maxim, cosmopolitan, and gq
Christians need a magazine like this as an alternative to maxim, cosmopolitan, and gq

So ISIS has their own magazine called Dabiq which is of very high quality, much like their propaganda videos and social media, has some very professional journalism and photography which would have a number of people questioning where they got such funding and education to obtain such quality of modern technology to begin with, but that’s another topic altogether.

These articles really humanizes the Islamic State, and the articles with their articulate points and vast erudition shows that ISIS isn’t just a marauding militant group full of illiterate savages, and has precision bombing criticism of the west, secularism, and Christianity.

Their issue is quite lengthy which is called Break the Cross, so I will break it down into segments, but today I will commentate on one of their articles was written for women: How I came to Islam by Umm Khalid al-Finlandiyyah

So the writer is a western europeon woman from Finland who recollects her religious journey into the Islamic faith from childhood to the present day. Those who have read this article can really sympathize with the protagonist in the writer, as she goes from the abyss of typical western nihilistic atheism into a faith she can see herself and her family dying for with assurance of some reward in the afterlife.

Despite all the people claiming how Islam hates and oppresses women, a very large number of women and not just men are turning to Islam in massive numbers.

I come from Finland, a “Christian” nation where the people do not strongly adhere to their corrupted religion. Most of them say they are Christians but don’t really practice their false faith. They might go to church when there’s a wedding or a funeral, but most of them don’t know much about their distorted religion, even though they are proud of it; so I wouldn’t see Christianity visibly manifested in their day-to-day lives.

This is the universal malaise inflicting the west today. Although practically everyone claims Christianity so that the next gallup survey has them checking Christianity in the bubble and they say they believe in Jesus or God, it seems to be more of a halfhearted shrug that is more of a coping mechanism to stem off the radical affirmation of nonbelief in atheism that comes with taking their practicing lifestyles to the rational realm.

The Catholic Priest who wrote Liberalim is a Sin, Don Felix Sarda Y Salvany notes this as the preface says of the dissonance of the modern pseudo-christian.

For Liberalism says in effect that there is no objective truth, which is patently absurd. And in the practical order—in our social and political lives—Liberalism leads to a practiced atheism, that is, to a situation in society where, though we do not deny the existence of God, we nonetheless must conduct ourselves vis-a-vis one another as if God did not exist, because we must in effect deny that He has a right to tell man what to do.


What they mainly teach is that if you merely believe in Jesus as your Savior, who supposedly died for your sins, then you will be saved. And this was hard to accept because it really didn’t make sense to me. Despite this confusion, I always believed in the Creator My parents, much like everyone else, never really talked about religion. We would celebrate Christmas and Easter, but Christianity otherwise didn’t have much of an impact on my life. At the age of 16, I was sent to a type of camp where you would have to embrace the religion again, but do so independent-mindedly.

The Protestant idea of “Faith Alone” where you just have to believe in Jesus and everyone will be good in the end, which has infinitely divided Christianity into thousands of different fragmentary beliefs where one person’s solipsism is as legitimate as any other’s. The radical individualism where each person is completely responsible for their faith alone, and that their faith, which seems to be just naked human will is the only thing one needs. The individual atom, who is independent and sovereign upon themselves for their salvation has the person powerless against the thousand externalities that has their faith swaying back and forth without any bulwark.

The faithlessness of her family and the poor representatives of it in her Churches, and its aboslute worldliness in “keeping up with the times” has people such as her running for greener pastures.

Then at school, they introduced things like evolution and the big bang theory, and this just caused even more confusion. At the end, I was  left not knowing what to believe in, but I always had faith in the Creator and that He should be worshiped alone.

Here we have the civil-war conflict of the western soul where the belief in a loving God who ordered a universe where everything has a purpose in His Plan, with humanity being the centerpiece of the grand cosmos, gifted with free-will where the immortal soul of man after death either ends with transcendence in eternal beatitude in the presence of The Father or suffer for all time for denying His vision that they would rather be blinded to, versus the chaotic, random forces of the big bang where everything can be simply reduced to naturalistic reasoning and that nothing really has a specific purpose but the propagation of life to enjoy pleasure and to avoid pain, and to face extinction with the end of this life, into oblivion.

It is without any doubt that the western man has chosen to relegate himself to the latter.

At the same time, I had a neighbor who had introduced me to Islam a few years earlier. So she let me borrow a copy of the Quran that was translated into my own language. The translation wasn’t so good, but she was good at explaining, so if I didn’t understand anything she would clarify it for me. What struck me most as I was reading the Quran were the verses about Hellfire and the punishment in the Hereafter. Not long afterwards, I knew that this religion really was the truth.

How often does a priest today talk about the sufferings of eternal damnation? How many people would exit mass upon hearing about the perdition awaiting the unrepentant? But how many would join hearing a person who doesn’t relent, who goes all the way? A very large number of people would repudiate their lives of meaningless materialism and hedonism if they had a leader who does not shirk from truth. This is why Islam gains followers and devoted ones too, while Christianity only attracts the dregs of society who get to hear what they want to hear.

So when I was coming back from work one day and I saw my neighbor on the bus, I asked her, “Would you like to teach me how to pray?” She replied by asking, “Do you want to become a Muslim?” At that moment, I felt myself thinking, “Yes, I do.” So I said, “Yes,” and both her and her husband began crying. I pronounced the shahadah in their home and they began teaching me how to pray. It was a wonderful feeling. After continuously searching for the truth, finding it was just such a relief. I pronounced the shahadah in their home and they began teaching me how to pray. It was a wonderful feeling. After continuously searching for the truth, finding it was just such a relief. I felt so much peace

The watered-down Christianity of today simply does not sate a truth-seeker’s thirst, they sidestep all absolute affirmations and always cover their statements with a caveat of doubt to show their “freethinking,” always trying to stay out of the danger-zone of fanaticism that for a secular society, is beyond the pale. Keeping up with the times, being Liberalism’s bitch, it only repels those who would have been the most faithful and devoted.

So I said, “Yes,” and both her and her husband began crying. I pronounced the shahadah in their home and they began teaching me how to pray. It was a wonderful feeling. After continuously searching for the truth, finding it was just such a relief. I felt so much peace. I can’t say that things were easy after becoming a Muslim, but it did bring pleasure to my heart nonetheless. Things weren’t easy with my parents. At first, they didn’t react much, but one year later when I remarried, they began having a problem with it. When I started wearing hijab, they would make things difficult. They would argue, “Even Muslims that were raised Muslim don’t wear it, so why do you?” They were not happy, and it was funny how their Christianity came out more than ever at that point. Before that, they wouldn’t speak about Christianity at all, but suddenly they were mentioning it more frequently, saying things like, “This is the religion of our forefathers.” All of this was to try to bring me back to their religion. I felt the same with my colleagues, who would ask me why I had made this decision.

There is a natural aversion and hatred of Islam from western peoples, not because it is to them, seen as a false religion compared in light to the truth of Christianity, but because it is alien, a reaction of xenophobia rather than out of zealotry. A betrayal not of faith, but of nationalism. A religion that rocks-the-boat, which is in bad taste at a get-together compared to a lukewarm, neutral, tamed, harmless religion in Christianity that demands nothing from anybody and that does not seem to have any problems submitting to the god of Liberalism.

There are many, especially in nationalist groups and the pseudo-right who would wear the banner of the cross, nostalgic of the times when Crusaders would be killing the Islamic threat, when the west was healthy and true. Yet it is nothing but live action role playing, people who simply take the religion of their forefathers not because of true faith and belief, but because christianity just happens to be associated with white European knights who waged war against the hated muslims, but underneath it all they still hold the anti-christian beliefs of Liberalism: separation of church and state, unrestricted capitalism, freethinking, rationalism, government of The People, women’s and homosexual rights.

If the crusaders were alive today, they would ravage the lands of the dissolute west with more fanaticism and indignation than they would with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Islam serves as a useful tool in the ever-advancing western zeitgeist in Liberalism. It is a catalyzing accelerator for preexisting ideas in people. Islam forces femininity in women and their natural sex roles, and people either lash out in fury in the name of women’s rights and equality, or they lament their equivalent in Christianity no longer has such vigor.

I later became involved in da’wah. I would take part in organizing sisters’ and children’s events at the local mosques and I would hold events for new Muslim sisters. At the time, I wasn’t really thinking about hijrah (emigrating to the land of Islam), but that would soon change. What finally woke me up was when the disbelieving authorities arrested my husband for terrorism. They arrested him on the street. I was at home with my children and they came in and started raiding the house. It was a big shock. They ended up keeping my husband in prison for quite a while as they continued investigating the matter. As difficult as it was, it was probably the best thing that happened to me because it opened my eyes to the importance of hijrah, but the whole ordeal made things difficult. Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allah), there were some brothers and sisters who were on the sound creed and were a strong source of support. They weren’t many, but because they were on the proper methodology, it didn’t matter.

Of course this part of the article would have progressives raising their arms in outrage, on the discriminatory Islamophobia that oppresses muslims and prevents them from living their lives.

(Of course muslims get plenty of benefits and advantages and immunity from committing crimes due to them being favored by the Leftist elites, the progressives still have faith in their missionary goals to “tame” Islam, making it compatible with Liberalism the same way Christianity was tamed and neutered by Liberalism. What makes conservatives/nationalists different is that they would rather just disown Islam altogether and see it as a wild dog that cannot be tamed the same way domesticated Christianity is).

Many Christians today in the west are going under a similar thing, although in a soft-totalitarian way that uses the legal system and bureaucratic methods to oppress them without needing the force of the state police.

The author and her family had no way to devote their faith to its fullest expression and to have a state that was absolutely oriented towards that supernatural end, and because of this are in shackles.

Pictures and articles like these make people really sympathetic to the cause, which is why propaganda like this is banned.
Pictures and articles like these make people really sympathetic to the cause, which is why propaganda like this is banned.

When the Caliphate was announced, we knew where to go and what we wanted. As Muslims, we need to disavow the disbelievers and live under the Caliphate. The Prophet g said, “I have nothing to do with any Muslim who resides amongst the pagans.” His companions asked, “O Allah’s Messenger, why is that?” He replied, “They should not be able to see each other’s camp fires (or lights)” (Abu Dawud and at-Tirmidhi). After my husband had came out of prison, we thought it would be difficult to perform hijrah because every country would likely be alerted of his intent to travel. He was trying hard to find a way to come to the Caliphate and, alhamdulillah, when Allah wills to open the path for someone, nobody can close it. And so we were able to perform hijrah without any problems. We were dreaming about it and praying for it for so long until Allah made it easy for us. I can’t even describe the feeling of when you finally cross that border and enter the lands of the Caliphate. It is such a blessing from Allah to be able to live under the Caliphate.

The Caliphate. A state that is built around Islam at its zenith where everything is designed for that end. Isn’t that what every Christian longs in their heart, Christendom a holistic seamless society directed towards a unified faith, a visible church undivided and under a single creed? Not the soulless, compartmentalization of a secular state that oppresses and hammers out every religion into a single mould to conform to atheistic humanist values that only leads to apostasy and the disintegration of a society, a family?

Of course, when you come to the Caliphate, after sacrificing everything for the sake of Allah, you’ll continue to be tested. You’re going to see hardships and trials, but every day you’re thankful to Allah for allowing you to perform hijrah and to live under the Shari’ah. Life in the Islamic State is such a blessing. You face difficulties and hardship, you’re not used to the food or the change of life, you may not know the local language, you hear bombings and the children may get scared, but none of that takes away from the gratitude you have towards Allah for allowing you to be here.

This post would have both the conservatives and progressives jaws drop to the floor in disbelief. Leaving a modern western country, considered one of the happiest in the world  for some backwards, war-torn country where gunfire and bombings are a regular everyday occurrence?

Also, unless you’re living here you don’t realize what kind of life you had before. The life here is so much more pure. When you’re in Dar al-Kufr (the lands of disbelief) you’re exposing yourself and your children to so much filth and corruption. You make it easy for Satan to lead you astray. Here you’re living a pure life, and your children are being raised with plenty of good influence around them. They don’t need to be ashamed of their religion. They are free to be proud of it and are given the proper creed right from the start. After four months of us being here, my son was martyred, and this was yet another blessing. Every time I think about it, I wonder to myself, “If I stayed in Dar al-Kufr what kind of end would he have had? What would have happened to him?” Alhamdulillah, he was saved from all that, and what could be better than him being killed for the cause of Allah? Obviously, it’s not easy, but I ask Allah to allow us to join him.

This post to a westerner  would sound absolutely ridiculous, complete lunacy. Aren’t western nations mankind’s greatest accomplishment, the height of human progress and prosperity? Why would anybody want to leave all this to a barbaric society where violence is just around the corner?

Here we see the clashing worldviews of worldliness and belief in the afterlife. In the lands of disbelief, there pervades a spirit of nihilism exemplified in what people considered the superiority of western (AKA enlightenment) civilization. Religious Liberty/Equality which means no religion has any significance on the public collective whatsoever, freedom of expression, which means that nothing is sacred, and high standards of living, which is the exclusive focus on material comfort of maximizing pleasure and avoiding pain.

It is not the four horsemen of war, death, pestilence, and famine where the devil wins souls over into damnation, but the creature comforts and full expression of hedonistic lifestyles with high standards of living and riches.

Four months living in the Islamic state and her son is killed, and she expresses only joy and gratefulness for his opportunity to be a martyr to a cause worth dying for. Only a materialist could see insanity in this. By his life shortened by the force of a bullet, he is freed from a lifetime of hedonism.

She asks what would her life be like if she still stayed in the lands of disbelief, in Finland. Her son would have probably had on-and-off relationships dating many women, he would have indulged in pornography, living in the presence of blasphemers masquerated as heroic iconoclasts, been mesmorized by the thousand temptations of entertainment, and instead of dying for Allah, would have had his life stretched out into old age to die ingloriously, without any cause except to have lived a “full life” of comfort and pleasure.

Finally, I wish to advise the Christians in Finland and elsewhere: A lot of you don’t practice your religion because you know it’s not the truth. You say you just need to believe in Jesus and you’ll go to Heaven, but how does it make sense that somebody died on your behalf and then you’re free to do whatever you please, whatever bad things that come to your mind, to live without any rules or regulations and then expect to be taken to Heaven? It doesn’t make any sense. I advise you to open your heart and find out about the religion of Islam. Don’t trust what the media says about it. Just turn to the translation of the Quran and take it from there. Whatever hardship you may face on that path will be worth it. In the end, you’ll be so happy you found the truth, because what you’re going to gain after embracing Islam is better than anything you might lose or sacrifice.

What can a Christian, a reactionary take from this author, a women who has sworn herself to Islam and the Islamic State? What does Islam do that fosters strong faith and devotion in its followers? What sacrifices and struggles do muslims do to fight back and resist against the nihilism of modernity? How would a person’s perception and beliefs and events of the world be different if viewed through the lens that another life exists beyond this one, that is above worldly materialism? What is it that Islam preaches and evangelizes that has people flocking to it like a moth to a lantern?

The west currently tells us to fight for Progress and promises us that we will live in prosperity. Islam tells us to fight for God, and that we will be martyred.