Is modern Islam representative of Islam?

ISIS loves social media and selfies!
ISIS and modern Islam loves social media and selfies!

This is going to be a very distasteful topic of course, due to the current events of the increasing tempo and intensity of Islamic attacks on the west which only increases the hatred Westerners and Christians have against their perennial nemesis Islam. However like all religions, Islam is very complex and broad with perhaps hundreds of different sects and denominations which all claim the mantle of Islam the same way the thousands of different Christian denominations claim Christianity.

Let’s not forget that we live the iron age, the age of the kali yuga, the true dark ages of humanity. It only makes sense that ALL of mankind living in this age today are degenerate and have fallen far from their level of normality/tradition (which is the normal state of mankind). 

Joseph de Maistre, Rene Guenon, and Father Seraphim Rose, among many others, all argued (or argue) that it is a folly of ethnography to believe that the observation of existing primitives can tell us what our so-called primitive ancestors were like or what they thought. Existing primitives, according to Maistre and the others, are merely the final result of millennia of moral degeneration.

It is difficult for me to believe that any other cultures than the primitive are *not* the last result of millennia of moral degeneration. Indeed, it seems to be difficult for any cultures to believe they are not themselves degenerate.

All three of the named writers agree that modern culture is, itself, the result of centuries of moral decline, and qualifies as degenerate; their point in adducing cannibals and headhunters was invariably to suggest that there is not so great a distance between those activities and the violence of the modern regimes. A better word for the remotely ancestral people who figure in Maistre’s argument, Guenon’s, or Father Seraphim’s might be original or originary (or Adamic). We should not construe Adamic thought from the worldviews of any existing people.

The monotheist conception of a divine creator who is a solar being of light and is a father of all creation, which many would call God seems to be a universal belief of mankind.

It seems that many in the west today are not well informed in Islam or its history or tradition, the numbers of those who do are probably exceptionally low especially considering many in the west don’t even know much about their own religion Christianity! How many people today are good representations of the Christian faith? I myself don’t know much about Islam or it’s different sects, but the kali yuga seems to pervert and make wretched cultures and religions in different ways, each with their own particular weaknesses. 

So it’s easy to see a bunch of savages going around slaughtering innocent civilians screaming “Allah akbar” and then claim that Islam itself is the problem:

The definitions of heroism and the qualities of the warrior that Evola describes herein are surely timeless and universal. Indeed, in ‘Varieties of Heroism’, one can easily see, in the phenomenon of today’s Muslim ‘suicide bombers’, a supra-personal heroism of a type identical to that of the Japanese kamikaze pilots that Evola describes. While it would not be correct to label today’s Islamist radicals as ‘traditionalists’, since their particular interpretation of Islam has modernist roots in the Nineteenth-century Salafi school, we can still see some elements of a traditional conception of the warrior in their actions.


Let’s look in the mirror and into ourselves, our microcosm as bodies in the macrocosm of modern society. What is Liberalism other than Anti-Christian Christianity? In the cult of tolerance, anti-racism and pacifism, we can see traditional elements of Christianity turned into an odious abomination. In Catholic Parishes and their worthless RCIA programs, we have feminists preaching gender equality, tolerance against homosexuals, and priests who love the heretical notion of separation between church and state.

Regrettably, this dual concept of jihad as consisting of an inward as well as an outward form of struggle has been rejected by today’s Islamist radicals, who believe that the war against the infidels should take precedence over all other considerations. Fortunately, however, the dual understanding of jihad is still to be found among the Islamic mystics: the Sufis, who may very well be the last guardians of a traditional Islam in the modern world.

Who are the last guardians of traditional Christianity in the modern world? Catholicism today is almost entirety modernist, and what order has been rendered untainted from its influences? Francis and the recent Popes before him are not traditional in any sense, even anti-traditional. How many Catholics today actually believe in the indissolubility of marriage? They have high divorce rates just like everybody else, equal to atheists! How many Catholics actually believe homosexuality is a sin? Many actually think its good! How many believe that the wife is subordinate to her husband? How many actually believe in waiting for marriage before sex? How many believe in the miracles Jesus performed?

A Muslim person can just as easily look at the typical Christian person: Divorced, broken family, multiple sex partners, a pleasure-seeking lifestyle of entertainment and pornography, condoning and even embracing homosexuality and abortion, a total lack of daily prayer or reverence, a complete indifference and disregard towards other people and the poor with a self-centered egotistical view on life, covered in demonic-looking tattoos that belong to primitive heathen tribes, and conclude that Christianity is a degenerate, evil religion!

Is this representative of Christianity?
Is this representative of Christianity?

Just because Christians don’t go around committing rape and terrorist attacks as Muslims do does not make them any less degenerate than Muslims who think raping people and mass killings via terrorism is good!

It is important for me to clarify that I am referring only to those attacks carried out against military or political targets. The mass-casualty attacks on civilians, which have become an all-too-common occurrence in Iraq and elsewhere in the Islamic world in recent years, are alien to the provisions of war laid out in traditional Islam, and can be justified only within the modern innovative doctrines of takfir – in which one can declare other Muslims to be apostates – or jahiliyyah – which regards fellow Muslims as living in a state of pagan ignorance. It is likewise forbidden in the Qur’an to attack the civilian population even of one’s enemy, something which the Islamists have had to perform theological acrobatics to circumvent in order to justify their bloody attacks in the West.

It is unfair that many traditionalists and reactionary Christians, who know how low their religion, people, and the faith have fallen then see these barbaric terror attacks on the news and then are quick to lay it on the entirety of the Islamic faith, as if only the west has been ruined by modernity.

In fact, traditional Christianity seems to be more akin to Traditional Islam than it is to modern Christianity. The indignant outrage against Islam for executing homosexuals isn’t really that extreme when compared to Christianity unshackled by Liberalism.

Therefore, wishing to pursue with greater rigor than we have exerted since the beginning of our pontificate, we establish that any priest or member of the clergy, either secular or regular, who commits such an execrable crime, by force of the present law be deprived of every clerical privilege, of every post, dignity and ecclesiastical benefit, and having been degraded by an ecclesiastical judge, let him be immediately delivered to the secular authority to be put to death, as mandated by law as the fitting punishment for laymen who have sunk into this abyss.

Saint Pius X

When the infidels saw I had conquered they drew off their forces. But the Portuguese and Christians approached and cut off the infidel’s head, and took his spear, and placed the head upon it, and removed his armour. It was a costly suit, made in the heathen fashion, very strong and richly ornamented.

A Christian Knight cut off a Muslim opponent’s head and stuck it on a spear. Isn’t that what the west today criticizes Islam of doing?

It seems that while the kali yuga neuters Christianity from all sense of vitality and justice, and turns it into an emasculated pacifistic coward who tolerates anything, it turns Islam into a savage rabid animal that is overly fanatical.


  • This is in large part correct. All religions have inherent weaknesses which are played upon by the various machinations of the Modern World, and Islam is no exception. No traditional religion is more universalist than Islam, but this element can be tamed under Traditionalist influence. A Traditionalist Islam has existed, it is represented in the Alawites, the Sufis, etc. The fundamentalism we see today is Islam’s version of puritanism and is an insanity that has arisen as a direct result of the attempt to export secular nationalism to the Middle East. It is a backlash against Nasserism. This is of course further amplified by the contemporary United States’ destructive meddling in the region and Europe’s twisted accomodation and invitation.