Institutionalized Racism is against White People

Institutionalized Racism in billboard targeting whites. Do we have racist anti-black billboards?
Institutionalized Racism in billboard targeting whites. Do we have racist anti-black billboards?

Every time a violent thug is justifiably killed by a police officer the grievance industry, the mass media, the universities and journalism, and victim groups everywhere vent out their indignation on the keyboards and on the streets with violent protests, the entire Leftist Institution mobilizes to stoke the flames of hate against white people.

“There is Institutionalized racism against black people!

The police are targeting black men!

He dindu nuffin!

There is still racism in America today, even worse since people are not as open about it!”

Now tell me this:

We have Black History month, but do we have White History Month?

Martin Luther King Jr, a black man has his own holiday. Does any American White Historical Figure have their own holiday?

Colleges have an African American Club, Asian Club, Hispanic Club, LGBT Club. Do we have a Europeon Club? A White American Club? A Confederate Club?

We have scholarships for Africans, Asians, Hispanics, LGBT’s. Do we have scholarships for Whites/Europeons?

The word Nigger is considered the most offensive English word. The racial slur Cracker or Gook or Wetback is not considered anywhere as offensive. People are so conditioned that they hesitate to use the word Nigger, yet never fear using the word cracker or chink.

A white guy I knew from high school was expelled because he referred to New Orleans as Niggerville. Would a black guy have been expelled if he called Nashville Crackerville?

A Black Panther member announced in public to kill white babies. Imagine if a KKK member told white people that they should be killing black babies.

Why is there a nationwide spotlight on black men killed by police officers, yet there is none when a white man is killed by a black officer?

I’m sure you can think of some yourself. The list goes on and on.

If you talk about racism without mentioning racism against whites, then you should shut the fuck up.