Mankind does not naturally desire Liberty

Whoever says that man is born for liberty is speaking nonsense.

-Joseph De Maistre

the illusion of sovereingty
liberty is one count per person to vote? that’s what all of humanity desires?

There is a common belief that conservatives (AKA right-liberals or classical liberals) hold that mankind has an inherent desire for Liberty, and by Liberty (capitalized Liberty since it has more importance to the modern person than God) they mean the ability for a person to choose their own life the way they want, whether for good or for bad, and that in order to secure these “inalienable human rights” (an idea which is only a recent enlightenment humanistic concept) we have a government that serves to protect the equal rights of others so that every individual can live the way that they want since it is up to the individual to define and create their own meaning.

With this worldview, it separates the history of humanity into two; the archaic, barbaric, superstitious and mythological, infantile state of mankind’s past where it grows into a more civilized, enlightened, and rational, adult who progresses throughout time and into the brighter and more perfect future.

With this worldview, the modern secularized man; who grew out of the cocoon of christianity set his sights on the rest of the pre-modern civilizations and forced by way of arms and humanitarian efforts their definition of Liberty and civilization while proclaiming that this was the natural desire of humanity and that it is done without bias or impartiality.

Yet if this were the case, then why did this “natural desire for liberty” only arrive only recently in humanity’s long existence? Also, why is there a universal hierarchy that seems to have naturally and spontaneously have arrived in all civilizations completely independent of each other? Aristocracies and Monarchies are the norm, and that the people seem to accept them as the rightful ruling castes in their societies without much of a fuss.

If the founders of nations, who were all prodigious men, were to come before our eyes and we were to recognize their genius and their power, instead of talking nonsensically of usurpation, fraud, and fanaticism, we would fall on our knees and our sterility would disappear before the sacred sign shining from their brows….

Joseph De Maistre

People do not desire Liberty. They desire hierarchy. Inequality is the immutable law of the universe. Inequality is the reflection of the divine which orders everything to its proper place. People only desire the false lies of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity when it has been force fed down their throats with the artificial taste of pride that they have become accustomed and addicted to.

The world becomes filled with contradictions when we forget that things have ranks.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

The mass of men play no part in political events. They even respect government only because it is not their work. This feeling is written indelibly on their hearts. They submit to sovereignty because they feel that it is something sacred that they can neither create nor destroy.

Thus the aristocracy is a sovereign or ruling class by nature, and the principle of the French Revolution {and American} runs directly contrary to the eternal laws of nature.

-Joseph De Maistre

I am already salivating the anticipation of an emotional meltdown from the liberals (classical), who would erupt into a paroxysm of frothing protestations at such an impudent statement by today’s standards. Of course they have much reason to be angered, since Liberal Democracies appeals to the fragile ego of the common man raised to believe that he participates in the political process and that every citizen shares a seat at the table of the ruling class that was once the exclusivity in those supposedly evil, oppressive, and backward times!

Without a hierarchical structure it is not possible to transform freedom from a fable into a fact.
The liberal always discovers too late that the price of equality is the omnipotent state.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

But it is obvious to all who have not been blinded by their illusory democratic pride and exaggerated sense of worth that their votes and opinions don’t really amount of anything and that those who are in control of liberal democracies are a hidden oligarchy that works behind the scenes and that the annual political debates is merely a predetermined puppet show like the WWE.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element of democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country…’We are governed. Our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of’.

-Edward Bernays

Modern societies have banned and made taboo the idea of an aristocracy, a ruling minority elite. Since in traditional (normal) societies have always had an explicit aristocracy (they were distinct from the people by means of birth, dress, style, and duties,) there was no question or doubt as to who were in charge of a society and who they actually were. This meant that people knew exactly who to praise or blame when things went wrong and where the burden of responsibility were laid upon and who they actually had to submit to.

In a modern society the ruling elites have gone underground and the oligarchy (which is the perversion of aristocracy) has become implicit and invisible. This allows the common man the pretense or plausibility of being in a society of equals. The illusion of equality is maintained, and it keeps the commoners content, wheras in a traditional society the illusion of equality was impossible. Since people love to maintain the false illusion of sovereignty and freedom, they end up in a society with so many laws, restrictions, taxes, centralized governments, and simply a total lack of true autonomy but are still content since there is no explicit ruler who lords over them with ball and chain.

Crowds have always undergone the influence of illusions. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.

Gustave Le Bon

The Will of Man has conceived republics to realize the illusory phantom of this sovereignty of the people.

Antoine Fabre d’Olivet