Grinding is not a Virtue


Most people are hard workers because they willingly funnel into society’s standard that grinding is a virtue.

They choose to do so because since they have no principles of their own and adopt it because it helps to pick lower standards so that it can fit them.

The mediocre instead of compelling themselves to great heights, lower it so that they don’t even have to leave their couch.

They might not actually think so, but they must be rightly entitled to some sort of recognition for wasting their lives away for someone else under their own will.

Of course, those who do think so are so far down the rabbit hole they must be getting high off sniffing satan’s ass.

What is grinding? The video game genre that has the most negative connotation as a time wasting activity for morbidly obese basement dwellers is the MMORPG, typically associated with World of Warcraft. In these type of games you grind, which entails insufferably long monotonous repetition of the same task over and over in order to level up.

Imagine killing the same level 1 pig that infinitely respawns in order to get to the next level. That would even make Sisyphus thankful of his predicament in hell rolling boulders up a hill for all eternity.

So when this basement dweller spends the entirety of his days doing this behind his desk, he feels that he should be respected for spending all of his irreplaceable time to reach level 60, that he has worked hard for this and it shows by the loot he has obtained and his gear.

There is no skill involved or any to be developed. Nothing that would be entertaining in a highlight reel.

So if you were a sandwich artisan at subway  or starbucks head barista can you really say that you have had work experience? What does that show other that you are a living timesink everyday for 8 hours and your dependable enough to stand for the allocated length required?

People who work every day to get paid by the hour aren’t in their position because they are valued team members of a diversified work culture, its because your employers need a philistine who will trade his precious time for chump change.

Likewise, an office drone or bureaucratic invertebrate (same genus by the way) believes that since he worked for some corporate entity for 20 years he should be considered a hero (bonus ego stroking points if its a single mother), and he has more justification for being titled as such especially since he was doing it for his children (they make the best excuses).

Its almost like a consolation prize, a coping implement that transmutes labor into a higher cause. For every pretense that exists there are those who by faith give themselves into its pretension like alcohol used to rid oneself of miseries.

People who trade their time for money are very proud of the fact, its probably the ego’s self defense mechanism in play to fortify and protect it from the fact that they have wasted the entirety their lives working for a faceless abstract enterprise that sees them as cogs and numbers on a spreadsheet that can be replaced at a moment’s notice and without even the slightest ripple to be felt by their termination.

They equate the sacrifice that entails grinding to something heroic like risking one’s life in battle, instead of chewing grass on the field like the cattle that they are. The abattoir would be a mercy killing.