Freedom of Speech a Tool to undermine Power

Dying for moral relativism, Veterans for Voltaire!
Dying for moral relativism, Veterans for Voltaire!

If I were to discuss this topic on a forum or public area without a doubt I would be immediately banned or tarred-and-feathered, and to be marked as a pariah who was gone beyond the pale. I am about to criticize and repudiate the Holy Grail of Liberalism: Freedom of Speech. What impudent timing! Right when the globalists wish to censor the internet and Youtube shutting down political dissent even against its most popular celebrities.
Freedom of Speech in Pre-Liberal Democracies

It seems that Freedom of Speech was mainly used as a rebellious tool masquerading as some higher-cause for freethinking and rationalism against the authority of The Church and State (Monarchs) in order to promote Truth. Alexis De Tocqueville mentions how in Europe although there was no freedom of speech and sedition would have you jailed, and although there was more freedom of speech in the USA, you could be socially stigmatized outside of the law which made freedom of speech more difficult, but in Europe there is always a Monarch who would favor your ideas and offer protection. Freedom of Speech is especially corrosive against the edifice of The Catholic Church since it affirms that “Error has no rights,” and to have every individual spouting their own truth claims which is really just what a secularized protestantism is. Also with the Church’s loss of power, power can then be transferred to the “neutral state” which becomes the dominant mediator between conflicting religious scruples and so is above everything.

Virtually Every Figure of the Enlightenment was banned by the Church:

From the top of my head top promoters of Freedom of Speech such as the infamous Voltaire easily found protection in Monarch sponsors against other Monarchs who would have him killed, and same goes for many Enlightenment Philosophes who were sheltered by Monarchs, which really ties into the theory of the iron law of rebellious tools. 

Without the Monarchs that Voltaire hated, he would have been just some witty chatterbox just a one liner away from having his head severed.

During the American Revolution, pro-monarch newspaper presses and loyalists would have had their businesses ran to the ground, and physically assaulted, with any dissent against the revolution decisively shut down. This is also seen in The Civil War with Lincoln’s mobs destroying any dissenting newspaper companies or politicians, and Woodrow Wilson in WW1 with the Alien and Sedition Acts.

When the Revolutionaries took control and formed their own governments, then it seemed that the 1st Amendment was inviolable and a virtuous ideal.

Freedom of Speech in Liberal Democracies Today

So today we have “1st Amendment badasses” and “Free Speech Activists” and virtually every respectable person in the West taking for granted Freedom of Speech as the Supreme Accomplishment of Western Civilization! A residue of a past power struggle now religious dogma taught to The People who are now True Believers of Liberty.

Under the Liberal tradition, Freedom of Speech is concomitant to Free-Market Capitalism, Separation of Church and State, and Limited Government.

The Liberal Tradition almost exclusively focuses on Government as the greatest evil, and their entire conception of reality boils down to Individual Liberty against State Tyranny, and what they can do to limit government.

The Press/Media/Journalism can be considered a Liberal creation, with their profession virtually guaranteed under the 1st Amendment, and is considered the “4th Branch,” which serves to put a “check” on the 3 branches of government, being a public open-source on exposing government corruption and tyranny.

Of course, we all see the results of this 4th branch, with all the major media apparatuses working for the government’s interests and covering up it’s tracks.

Liberalism putting in all these blockades on the governing system simply has the elites turning to private companies, therefore bypassing the checks-and-balances which limit the government, and in turn these private individuals/companies serve to benefit the government who first benefited them. Private companies like Google being funded by the CIA, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and all the major social media websites supporting Non-Profit Foundations (Zuckerberg and Dorsey supporters of Black Lives Matter and therefore Soros) and the Democratic Party in censoring free-speech on their platforms and promoting Progressive Agitprop which really shows the impotence of “Rights to Free Speech” since only government can be restricted by this law, private companies simply have free reign on doing the wishes of the government.

Freedom of Speech as a Philosophy/Worldview

It’s value in terms of Truth it is actually more harmful than it is useless. Truth is singular, it is binding, it demands that all conform to its affirmation.

Freedom of Speech is the Decephalization of the body politic into millions of different individual heads. The idea of finding truth by having endless dialogue and having them clash with one another, where in the end “truth will always win.”

Liberalism’s irrational Cephaliphobia is so paranoid and distrustful of government, that it would have every man preach his own conception of the truth and have it compete in the free market so that the one who has the most customers is somehow more “truthful.”

The Marketplace of Ideas goes back to the Liberal idea of a society composed of individuals who are rational and know what is best for themselves (The Customer is Always Right!) and so choose what their desires and needs are which they decide for themselves.

All one has to do is go to a best-buy on black friday to prove this idea false.

We abolished the tyranny and brainwashing of the priests and kings for the liberation of the human race from all dogma and ushered in a new era of enlightenment and rationality! All expressed by our wallets!

But once a person begins to realize that this supposedly higher ideal which is the apex of human progress and liberty is simply a residue of previous power conflicts then it all makes sense as why it is so erroneous.

  • Hrodgar

    On the matter of timing, I would actually argue that now is particularly important. To use Freedom of Speech as a basis for opposition is to pick a fight on the enemy’s terms. Arkansas Reactionary made a list of other ways folks do that a while back:

    • Thanks for the link! A good test to see if a person is a Reactionary or Right-Liberal (AKA Classical Liberal or Conservative) is what their opinions on Freedom of Speech/Religious Liberty are. Freedom of Speech is just another failed and ridiculous byproduct of the Anti-Christian Enlightenment, and cannot be associated with Tradition or Counter-Revolutionary movements.

      Besides, all the communist states had constitutions that guaranteed the rights to free speech, of the press, of the right to protest, and religious liberty. It’s a LEFTIST position, so people who claim to be right wing “first amendment” activists are just another type of useful idiot.