Fast Food, Politicians, and Hierarchy

fast food hierarchy
fast food hierarchy

There is a ubiquitous concept that permeates itself in everyday life that is inevitably always put into practice although condemned ideologically. That would be hierarchy or the ordering of rank.

Going to any fast food today and you will notice the distinction in rank between the workers and managers which is shown by the differences in attire. If you were to mention this to anybody they would make no deal out of it whatsoever, it seems almost facetious and pointless to point out the idea that people of superior ranking should be differentiated from those lower than themselves.

Yet if you were impudent enough to even entertain this same concept to another person taken to the realm of politics instead of fast-food where our leaders should distinguish themselves and dress more ornately to display their higher position in contrast to the common man people would cry out in indignation vanity and an affront of democratic egalitarian values!

Modern liberal democracies appeal to the pride of the common man, who have been patted on the head and comforted with delusions that they are the equal of everyone else and so every politician has to satiate their lust for equality by acting the role of the everyman who is “just like everybody else,” who masquerades himself in front of the people like some sort of surrogate pylon that amplifies and magnifies the characteristics of the masses into a single person who is a larger-than-lifeĀ mirroringĀ of the traits of the people, which ends up being the expression of their worst and basest traits.