Evola on War: Aristocratic vs Bourgeois Perspective

“The fundamental principle underlying all justifications of war, from the point of view of human personality, is ‘heroism’. War, it is said, offers man the opportunity to awaken the hero who sleeps within him. War breaks the routine of comfortable life; by means of its severe ordeals, it offers a transfiguring knowledge of life, life according to death. The moment the individual succeeds in living as a hero, even if it is the final moment of his earthly life, weighs infinitely more on the scale of values than a protracted existence spent consuming monotonously among the trivialities of cities. From a spiritual point of view, these possibilities make up for the negative and destructive tendencies of war, which are one-sidedly and tendentiously highlighted by pacifist materialism. War makes one realise the relativity of human life and therefore also the law of a ‘more-than-life’, and thus war has always an anti-materialist value, a spiritual value. Such considerations have indisputable merit and cut off the chattering of humanitarianism, sentimental grizzling, the protests of the champions of the ‘immortal principles’, and of the ‘International’ of the heroes of the pen. Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged that, in order to define fully the conditions under which the spiritual aspect of war actually becomes apparent, it is necessary to examine the matter further, and to outline a sort of ‘phenomenology of warrior experience’, distinguishing various forms and arranging them hierarchically so as to highlight the aspect which must be regarded as paramount for the heroic experience.”

-Julius Evola 

Ask yourself if you subscribe to the aristocratic, supernatural, and heroic ideal of death in war and self-sacrifice or the bourgeois, worldly, civilian ideal of living comfortably and sacrificing everything for wealth.

  • I am certain that the Western nations will have war forced upon it. This will be the test, the trial by fire, of what remains of its root fortitude. Should it fail, it will go extinct. Should it succeed, by default it will have to embrace Tradition and discard Liberalism, as Maeztu said, the choice is obvious at that juncture.

    • Liberalism works when people are fat and happy. Under prosperity, the decadent people begin to experiment with impractical and damaging ideas such as feminism and homosexual rights which they are able to do since they have money to burn. Once the shit hits the fan and people are using money to keep themselves warm over a fire, the degenerates would kicked out and left to freeze to death in the cold.

      The modern West sees Islam as its enemy exclusively in the material realm, damaging its middle-class first world way of life, being noisy and disruptive neighbors, and not assimilating to bourgeois materialism. Only when they perceive their foe as a transcendent enemy, from the perspective of a crusader fighting a saracen can there be a rebirth.