Evil Evil Nazis

evil patriarchal totalitarian racist oppressive priviledged white man george zimmerman murdered innocent baby messiah trayvon martin
evil patriarchal totalitarian racist oppressive privileged white man george zimmerman murdered innocent baby messiah trayvon martin

Progressivism is premised upon the idea that it is a living, breathing organism that changes with the times and that these changes mark the gradual improvement of human development of thought, and since everything is a continual work-in-progress, updates are being constantly stacked on top of previous iterations where the latest version is better off the merits of it building upon the previous one which is outdated the moment the next update is ready for upload, or dissemination in the human sphere.

This is a two-way street however, as the list of add-ons or changes is listed as a pro on one side, and contrasted as something that has been rejected on the other, which its competitor, the old dead horse of Nazism has long decomposed long past of point of its vile stench, but its remains kept in a vial to be sprayed to consumers its foul odor annually to serve as a foil to the more attractive in-comparison alternative.

So the claim to infamy was its scientific racism, culminated with their attempted genocide against the Jews, and the extreme emphasis on the purity and superiority of the white race. Nowadays, Nazism serves as the punching bag around the globe for the martial arts practitioners of PC (Political Correctness), where they visualize all that disagree with them in the image of a swastika.

Although the litany of tolerance has advanced and discovered problems beyond that of racism to tackle on new threats on the horizon, such as sexism and homophobia, and have then bequeathed such vile traits attributed to the Nazi’s, a tacked on thing to make them more unlikable. Before they were racist, but now they are evil XTREMEtm cooking with gas against men dressed as female strippers, proud single women working twelve hour shifts and in the near future, oppressed people from having anal sex with their beloved dog.

Modern People do not imagine Nazi’s in a fixed state confined to their time period based upon recorded and seen historical facts, but like progressivism, continuously moving and changing to suit the times with the people, the perfect complement to the ever advancing zeitgeist.