Drifting Apart

alone in a crowd
alone in a crowd

 “Everyone feels the absence of his relative who is away from home. The particular symptom of the age of Kali is that no family is now blessed to live together. To earn a livelihood, the father lives at a place far away from the son, or the wife lives far away from the husband and so on. There are sufferings from internal diseases, separation from those near and dear, and anxieties for maintaining the status quo. These are but some important factors which make the people of this age always unhappy.”

               -The Kali Yuga

In a society that sees the basic human unit as the individual forcefully thrust out onto the breach alone to be coerced into freedom,  liberated from the supposed shackles of yesteryear, what happens is not a sovereign unto himself, but a single atom among the infinitude in collision in the sense that nobody’s interest’s ever intersect.

But collision is too physical; it entails some sort of conflict that follows the typical dramatic structure that is fundamental to any good story. What we have in our society is something else, collision is rather inaccurate term and is restricted in the sense that this analogy comes from the empirical sciences that can only speak of the material realm. But these atomized individuals are like ghosts, phasing through each other and so transfixed upon the state of their fate they have a complete indifference to all the others until there is a ziggurat, a pylon that collectively manifests their raw emotions to be simultaneously released then coveted.

Relationships and interactions become ephemeral, everyone is merely a stopgap that is marked in slight etches onto the individual’s milestone. Love becomes a weekend tryst where former lover is but an abstract manifestation of a pleasant feeling. Friends, although termed family that one has chosen for himself becomes something of circumstances and convenience where people befriend and out into the circle those who coincide with their careers, jobs, and schools.

The friend’s of one’s childhood becomes a faded distance overclouded by the immediate present. It is not because of some climactic confliction, but fizzes and fades out without even the slightest whisper.