Those who desire neutrality get what they deserve

Those who desire neutrality get what they deserve 

Many people love to point out the seriously bad things in society like a malevolent government, greedy megalomaniac bankers, or the breakdown in law. Pointing out the absurdity of political correctness and white privilege is easy. Pointing out the lunacy of feminism and its modern adherents is simple, and noticing that the government abuses its power and is grossly incompetent, even malevolent is now taken for granted.

Of course, all of the above things are bad, but people love to endlessly mouth off all their pet conspiracy theories or observations, but they get strangely quiet or indifferent every time the topic of morality is brought up. They might brush it off and then contemptuously say that it is an irrelevant manner.

Or what those who believe to have taken the “high ground” do is claim neutrality as if that is the greatest virtue. To live and let live. Every person is sovereign unto themselves, what every person does is their business only and nobody should care, and if you do, to them your just a tyrant who infringes upon others and dictates things to others!

So if you believe in things along the lines of:

“I don’t give a shit how you live your life, you can live however you want,” (typical faux-neutrality) just don’t shove your beliefs down my throat!” 

“Ugh! Homosexuals are gross! But hey, they can do whatever they want as long as they don’t hit on me!” (Not giving a shit about others=masculine, right?) 

“I am not attracted to fat 400 pound blue-haired hairy women, but hey to each his own nobody’s preferences are better than anybody else’s!”

“I personally oppose abortion (which by their definition is the murder of an unborn child), but I don’t want to be some sort of extremist street preacher telling people what type of choices they want to make or how they should deal with their lives!”

“Everybody’s opinions matter!”

Then you really should get the oppressive government and asshole people that you deserve.

The experiment of having the government and laws “neutral” in all moral questions, (which doesn’t exist) and that everything should be allowed that does not directly harm another person is the reason why we live in such a shithole. Your rugged individualist faux-masculinity indifference is the reason why we live in such a feminine, nanny-state society with more restrictions on freedom than any other time period. 

Neutrality which is really just a euphemism for apathy, isn’t virtue, its degenerate.

The zeitgeist offers only platitudes. Neutrality is the highest good.
The zeitgeist offers only platitudes. Neutrality is the highest good in a degenerate society.