Denying the Human Soul

why is the soul so difficult to deny among the common man?
why is the soul so difficult to deny among the common man?

The public education system from kindergarten to college has given students a grounding of reality that allows them to be oriented into the society that they live in (a secular liberal democracy).

Under the propaganda of the education system we are given a strictly materialistic scientific perspective of the world, and we are given foundational mythologies such as the triumph of human reason and the emancipation of man from the supposed shackles of the past, where science was the light that brought humanity out of the darkness of superstitious religions.

Since the scientific method’s starting point nullifies any factor that goes beyond the material and is strictly limited to the empirical senses, and that the zenith of intellectual thought in the modern world is of the rational scientific mind, all the leading intellectuals take it as a given that since there is no evidence of the supernatural it does not exist.

Yet despite all of the propaganda that students are subject to, if the teacher were to ask a raise of hands as to who denies the existence of the immortal human soul, not a single person would raise there hands, and those who do would do so with great trepidation, as if to consent to a most taboo topic.

Despite all the reinforcements and ready-made mantras in defense of the materialistic society, they cannot take the next step and say with impartial confidence to the nonexistance of the human soul. There is that metaphysical desire, almost a self-defense mechanism that protects the man from the oblivion of nihilism.

Now, neckbeard atheists would then proclaim this as proof of the hold that religious extremists have over mainstream culture that holds atheists hostage as a disenfranchised group which is blatantly false (considering the anti-religious sentiment expressed universally in society). But this is because atheists are socially awkward misfits who really don’t get things.

A scientist is smarter and more logical than the average person and takes their thoughts to its conclusion in a consistent manner. The average person is at a war of contradictions that he does not even realize and accepts the materialist conception of reality without ever abandoning the conception of human soul.

The materialist explanations are wanting with nothing but empty calories which provide the person with no nourishment to the big answers of life, yet it is the only thing that the intellectual elite can provide (and they want it to remain that way).

The masses are inarticulate yet the current elite cannot give form to their dissatisfaction. There is something more than simply oblivion after death.