Bombing ISIS won’t do anything

After a muslim terrorist drove a truck into a crowd, killing +80 people in Nice France during Bastille Day, (a holiday celebrating the ruin of France with the God-forsaken enlightenment) the predicable expected reaction after every tragedy gets set into motion: Voice outrage to status signal to everyone that your moral, double down on Liberalism with anti-racism, tolerance, free love, and open arms towards immigration. This is the predicable reaction from the Progressives.

a week later people will be catching pokemon on the same streets where the dead were crushed
a week later people will be catching pokemon on the same streets where the dead were crushed

There is this faux-masculine posturing which is something conservatives especially love to do is how they will flex their muscles and show their massive display of “power” in western aircraft and naval fleets to “bomb ISIS into oblivion.” 

Why do they treat ISIS like it is some conventional military force that is be be fought on fronts like chess? Why do they act as if it would be some sort of videogame tower defense where a bunch of arabs attempt to invade the US a and with our superior firepower we blow them to smithereens?

ISIS would be gone.

ISIS doesn’t have really have sufficient military to capture and hold its own region in the Middle East, let alone something the size of the USA.  They’ve got an estimated 17,000 – 32,000 fighters (not sure how many deserve a title of “soldier”), most of whom would have to remain behind in Iraq/Syria.  They’d be incredibly lucky to get 1,000 people to the US.  But this is fantasy, so let’s suppose 5,000.

First off, how are they going to get here?  If they travel by commercial means (airlines or passenger vessels), they won’t be able to bring any arms with them– they’d have to buy weapons in-country after they arrived, and organize themselves afterwards.  Difficult to do without causing a LOT of suspicion.  And once they decided to act “to invade” (assuming they can act quickly enough and gather enough weaponry), things would go south for them pretty quickly.

They could try to land on their own boat, filled to the brim already with weapons.  That might work in the short term.  Charter a boat with people disguised as immigrants, but secretly filled with weapons.  And after landing (legally), they suddenly overpower the Coast Guard that’s present with superior numbers, but losing many in the process, and kicking off a HUGE military, police, and civilian reaction within the span of hours (before they could do much).

This is the typical moronic mentality that makes it seem like their only means of war is to have an invasion d-day style and that they would be clearly defined hostiles.

We allow them into our countries via immigration and they become citizens! Open Immigration policy is the Left’s strategy to undermine the West and the journalist/chattering classes allow this to happen and opposition is shut down as “racist bigots against tolerance.” Considering citizens can obtain guns legally or illegally and are not seen as hostiles, they simply live among the rest of the population until the time to “Allah Akbar!” comes.

The lines are not drawn between American Citizen and ISIS Terrorist, but between the American people usually exemplified in the middle and working classes patriotic white people, and the cultural marxist university teachers, journalists, hollywood, and their underclass “muscle” of blacks and muslims. Class warfare, the progressives undermining the bourgeois western values for the next proletariat revolution.