Beauty is not subjective


modern art does not create, but only exists to subvert
modern art does not create, but only exists to subvert the good

The idea of having a discriminating taste or a sense of what is the true and the beautiful and then saying that there is a absolute standard that transcends individual opinions and goes beyond mere human preferences is something that is taboo, almost evil in our world today. After all, doesn’t everybody simply have different tastes and preferences and that it all comes down to the person and that there is nothing more to it?

Or is it that what a person considers to be beautiful and true something that reveals their character and how they are grounded to reality and to see if they conform their preferences to the standards of reality or they would rather have reality conform to them?

Cartoons are an excellent way to simplify reality, it removes the opaque and muddled lenses of reality and caricatures them into the aesthetics of the two dimensional. Cartoons are appealing to children, since in the bliss of their youth they love what is definitive and what is definitive is black-and-white, children see things in a simplistic idealization. Children are oriented to be attracted to the good and are repelled by what is manifestly ugly.

Think of a Disney movie, or a comic book. The artists have to make the film’s theme and story clear and that the appearance of the characters are a reflection of their personality. Why do villains have a pointy nose? Why do they look so unappealing? Why do they have wrinkled faces? Why are the princesses so beautiful and drawn in such a way so that their position does not need to be explained, so that the mass audience knows who is good and who is bad?

do you think anybody would get the hero and villain confused?
do you think anybody would get the hero and villain confused?

Of course, the progressives, the blank slate theorists, the social engineers, all those who constitute the “educated” classes would tell you that it is all conditioning, a social construct where it all comes down to social constructions arbitrarily fashioned and then forced as a standard. These liars are the peddlers, the promoters of ugliness and disorder. They deny innate universal beauty because they wish for its destruction by nullification, to write it off as some prejudice.

The idea that everyone’s taste is as good as anyone else’s is a base relativism that removes the ideas of standards in a society. It is not neutral, since it allows the hideous to be in the same respectable position as the aesthetic.

Those who condone and respect a person’s “preferences” no manner what it is either take society’s current values as granted in ignorance and indifference, have a false sense of idealism, or are morally bankrupt and believe that having everyone else aesthetically penniless as them would be fair.

For the first person it is a position of passivity, a person with a herd mentality. For the second, it is a person’s whose false conceptions of reality doesn’t match that of the absolute order and they believe righteously that the are defending something respectable. The third and last is a person of disorder to attempts to sew it in others, a person who is motivated by a hatred of beauty and seeks to undermine it in others.

So imagine a scenario where several men are talking about women who they find attractive, and two of them mention the slim curvy woman with large eyes and long hair, with a bright smile and walks with a feminine grace that exhibits the combination of delicacy and purity whom passed by them earlier.

a pretty girl, and no i do not have to put the caveat "in my opinion."
a pretty girl, and no i do not have to put the caveat “in my opinion.”

The third man disagrees, saying that he considered that woman to be ugly and in fact found the sight of her to be distasteful. The other two men were in utter confusion that has brought their minds to question the third man. Now, I want to mention the fact that since the first two men were men and therefore have principles that they also expect from others are not modern day faggots who think that everything comes down to “whatever floats your boat” relativism. The third man said that to him a beautiful woman is a 300 pound woman with several rolls of fat over over her stomach, with short blue dyed hair, covered in piercings that porcupine her face with tattoos of skulls and other paraphernalia, and walks with her shoulders broad and swaggering with her chest puffing out like how a man would walk.

Hey! He said he likes that! Who are you to judge?  All opinions are good!
Hey! He said he likes that! Who are you to judge? All opinions are good!

The dearth of curiosity in people betrays their dearth of standards. They simply take the third man’s preferences as a given and leave it at that. But why does he prefer such a woman? Maybe because it goes beyond his mere “personal” tastes and shows that he prefers ugliness because he is discontent with reality as it is, a disorder in his character, and in doing so turns to the anti-matter realm where all must be leveled to depravity where it becomes something he desires.


"beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
“beauty is in the eye of the beholder”