Anti-Discrimination law is tyranny that opposes the free market

 “Of course there are legitimate racists, and we should target them, and we should find them, and we should hurt their careers, because racism is unacceptable.” -Ben Shapiro on the Dave Rubin Show. 

Anybody familiar with me knows that I am opposed to all forms of Liberalism (which means all modern political ideologies) but I especially have a contention with Classical Liberalism, who have taken the mantle of Right in politics and redefined it to mean limited government, freedom of speech, and free markets and private individual rights (which to a reactionary are all to his Left).

But putting myself into the perspective of a Libertarian idol worshiper of mammon and the mystical free hand of the free market, Ben Shapiro’s above quote on declaring merciless total war against racists is absolutely statist and oppressive.

If we are to have confidence in the free market and The People, then shouldn’t manners such as racism simply only be relevant to the private citizens to decide upon and that government should not step in? Shouldn’t we just allow organically and without intrusion the free market work things out so that the best business practices will end up on top and that the bad/evil ones end up failing? The cream rises to the top and all that.

If racist Bob refuses to do any business with asian people then wouldn’t the values of the people/customers have it so that they will (if they are anti-racist) simply not do any business with bob and then he would go out of business for what they believe to be his bad values?

Then Sam who is anti-racist and so accepts everybody to do business with him will prosper and have a successful business while all the racist businesses will be left behind and fail?

Bob, due to his racist business practices will organically fail as inevitably as an object falling due to gravity and so doesn’t require a resource-intensive state to step in and punish him for his racism.

Having the government enforce anti-discrimination laws simply gives it too much power and leaves little to the discretion of the private citizen, and to basically follow this law under the threat of force because the government has decided to make a value judgment screams centralized socialism.