Alt Right vs Cultural Libertarianism

What is the alt-right? 

Milo promoting LGBT 2nd amendment rights and pederasty, AKA Pedophilia
Milo promoting LGBT 2nd amendment rights and pederasty, AKA Pedophilia

Well to clear up the confusion it is not the Cultural Libertarianism that includes the likes of people and organizations like Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars, Milo Yiannopolous of Breitbart News, Mike Cernovich, Gavin Mcinnes of Rebel Media, and even the mainstream Bill Maher.  These people (excluding Maher) co-opted the title Alt-Right for publicity and fame and their only platform is merely to oppose the authoritarian Progressive SJW’s in the media and universities by adopting a “nothing sacred” platform of irreverent free speech. They are the spirit of Charlie Hebdo.  They are basically Anti-SJW’s that do not have an identity outside the people they criticize. Many people pejoratively refer to this group as the Alt-Lite.  They only oppose the Progressive Left off the basis that it is too authoritarian and restrictive upon free speech and gun rights and their hypocrisy on not fully adhering to Progressivism (ex “Democrats are the real racists, sexists, and homophobes!”)

The Alt-Right includes The Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, Red Ice Radio, Kevin Macdonald, Richard Spencer, and 4Chan’s Pol. The Alt-Right are pro-white identity groups who believe in an ethno-state for whites only. They are notorious for their memes and penchant for nazi ideology and opposition to Jews and third world brown/black people. The Alt-Right is another form of Liberalism like the Nazi’s, believes that Liberalism is a project restricted to the white race. In short, it is a newer, more hip and trendy and more humorous and less serious version of White Nationalism. Its central focus is on Race.

Both the Cultural Libertarians and the Alt-Right are reactions spawned due to their contempt for the cowardice and impotence of Conservatism and the increasingly oppressive and psychotic policies of the Progressive Left.

None of them are exactly Right-Wing movements, although one can argue that they are right wing in contrast to the progressive establishment and elite who preach cultural marxism. They simply are too modernist and invested in liberalism to be considered a true reactionary right-wing group.

Where the cultural marxists believe that liberalism’s emancipation is an open franchise for all people AKA victims groups (LGBT, women, muslims, minority groups) excluding the evil oppressor heterosexual white people who are the reason for all the world’s ills.

The cultural libertarians simply want the cultural marxists to turn it down a notch and to exclude the homophobic muslims from the franchise of liberalism, and to include white people into the franchise or else that would be racist.

The Alt-Right sees the whites as the only rightful race capable of fulfilling the ideals of progress and science of liberalism and that traitor progressive whites, jews, and third worlders are preventing the white’s ascension into the stars with fashtastic 80’s retrowave aesthetics.

“The 80’s is when most of the members of the Alt-Right were born, and we have a fondness for the optimism that embodied that era. It is often pointed out that the visions of the future given to the people through the media of that era have been abandoned in favor of a policy of third-worldizing the first world through mass third-world immigration. This makes it impossible that the high-technology utopia we were promised by 80’s entertainment culture could ever be realized.

RetroFuturism fits very well with the “we want our future back” theme of the Alt-Right.”

The Cultural Libertarians seem to be opportunistic and are in it for the fame and money, and their lack of zeal in anything truly worthy other than the risque novelty of transgressing the new status-quo of the “Regressive Left” and to attack the low-hanging fruit of mentally fragile snowflakes SJW’s makes them intellectual pygmies and are probably relegated to a trend or a daily news source for the conservative’s outlet for outrage that the Left has no shortage of.

What will happen to the Alt-Right remains to be seen. Will it fizzle out and be nothing more than a short-lived trend of reviving nostalgic 80’s utopian white futurism with basement dwellers chanting to some obscure amphibian deity? Or will it gain ascendency and replace the cultural marxists as the new face of utopian anthropocentric liberalism in it’s war against Being?


Admittedly retrowave has the best aesthetics
Admittedly retrowave has the best aesthetics
But throne and altar is the real right
But throne and altar is the real right