A society of shopkeepers

With the disappearance of the upper class, there is nowhere to take refuge from the smugness of the middle class and the rudeness of the lower class.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila

seen as a compliment to the english when it should be deemed insulting
shopkeepers is seen as a compliment to the english when it should be deemed insulting

Apologies for my temporary hiatus. No excuses, but it is in part due to the unholy admixture of labor and sloth. So I’ve been working at restaurants around the more upscale parts of town, and being in the service industry (which nearly all young people work in) I get to hear the conversations of the chattering classes, and all flavors of the bourgeois under the moon. I was told that it would be interesting working in the restaurant business since I get to interact with all sorts of people, especially the richer, more accomplished facets of society. I make small talk since pleasantries is mandatory with the job of this nature, and I engage in conversations occasionally, although most of the time I serve as an inconspicuous apparatus that initiates canned lines, serves drinks, and takes empty plates, and can weave in-and-out of conversations.

The average middle-class person is so superficial, with all conversations pertaining strictly to terrestrial, worldly affairs. The businessmen go to grab a bite of pizza on their break and don’t even skip a beat talking about their finances or business deals. The socialites speak about the local nightlife club scenes, drama pertaining to relationships and gossip, and the latest cutting-edge apps and self-aggrandizing food selfies.

Of course, readers would expect the typical upper-middle-class snobbery and rudeness, but they have all mostly been polite and respectful. But it wasn’t the type of respect and etiquette that was backed by a type of force, a sense of nobility. It was a sterile, lackluster politeness that was more quid-pro-quo indifference backed by a sense of appearing civil. It was the respect and politeness you would get from a shopkeeper and not a dignified landed gentry. The type of smile and hospitality you would get from someone who lets you enter their store only to turn 180 once they realize your only there to look or have a shortage of cash whether in pocket or the attire they see you in. Not the type of kindness and civility of a person in high social standing who bestows respect unto those out of the strength of his character, but a live-and-let-live one where it’s all reciprocal. Everything is a transaction, where the petit-bourgeois shopkeepers maintain their little stores and polish their knick-knacks and miscellaneous items and they practice their on que plastic-smiles and respectability since everyone is a customer and because of this fact, everyone should be given respect since money is morality-blind. If a person has cash, what point is there to discriminate?

America is the classless society, which it proclaims with great pride. But now today it is in complete decadence and people are anticipating the collapse, with conservative political commentators lamenting on the loss of traditional values and moral decay. But why are they surprised? When the hands of power and policy-making have been taken from the hands of the aristocratic upper-class and given to the middle-class, what we have is base sentimentality, utilitarianism, moral indifference, and the only manners that are of importance are practical ones. For the bourgeois, it is simply in bad taste to be talking about topics of morality, religion, and placing judgments on different lifestyles. After all, what is important is getting along to play along, living our own lives, and working! Don’t rock the boat unless it comes to making a new tech-innovation, then by all means! The brick-and-mortar business owners would rather die than to displease a customer, and would bend-over-backwards to appeal indiscriminately to the spirit of the times that the polite society has given them. Big corporations run by the capital B Bourgeois too not only want to turn a higher profit, but to appeal to the spirit of the times and turn like clockwork to the progress of society the same way their new products innovate by the year.

Politicians are attempting to appeal to the American people on helping the “disappearing” middle-class that this nation was founded on. With the middle-class bourgeois, do you really expect them to be the bulwark and front to combat the oncoming tide of degeneracy? The class that focuses on civic life, getting-along, commercial activity, and avoiding conflict. A nation of shopkeepers is blind to the metaphysical texture of morality, to the solar Olympian brightness of heroism. To them, all that can be seen and that does exist is the nondiscriminatory egalitarian impulse of money that flows through them.

“A classless society” is one where there is neither aristocracy nor people.
Where only the bourgeois moves around freely.

-Nicolas Gomez Davila