A case in Nihilism: Interview with a Pornstar

*Warning Explicit Content Below, not safe for work or people who are easily perturbed*

So yesterday I reread Father Seraphim Rose’s unfinished Magnum Opus, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Ageand it is perhaps one of the best polemical takedowns on Modernity and in all of its varied manifestations that he has put under the umbrella term NIHILISM. This a a much needed nourishment for those who in their acute discernment (really just common sense) or visceral gut-feeling that there is something terribly wrong in the air, yet they cannot fully grasp it in its entirety. These days, all we have are vague,  inarticulate, overly-sentimental elderly conservative spokesmen types (who are the Liberals Seraphim mentions in his book) who are incapable of encapsulating the societal decay that spawns about universal malaise, and who themselves only enable the disease seeing that they themselves were unknowingly influenced from it.

My commentary and post on the book however is to be delayed as it is going to be quite long, but let’s start with a preliminary post, a contemporary example of the Nihilism that has become the only constant and value in the Modern West, and what better place to see it in all it’s boldface proclamations, inner mentality, and shocking definitive conclusions than in the ubiquitous porn industry?

As I will soon describe into more detail, the people of the Adult Entertainment Industry (i.e. porn and stripping) have very prescient insights on the state of our society, since people in such positions take on the current “spirit of the times” to its logical extremes. They are “ahead of the curve” in a sense that the masses are only several steps behind the vanguards of the revolutionary spirit. That is not to say that they are erudite philosophical intellectuals (although people in such industries think that they are), but that people attach an ideology to their present lifestyle and preferences instead of conforming themselves to an ideology in terms for validity or truth.

Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte Stokely

So here are some quotes from the interview of adult actress Charlotte Stokely by some necrophiliac horror-porn mashup website girls and corpses. I didn’t bother to see much else of this degenerate cesspool on the corner of the internet, but let’s see what she has to say:

“G&C: You have been working just a short time in the adult business. Tell us your journey, how you went from freckle-faced high school student to hardcore jizz jockey?

CS: My roommate was working in a strip club and this guy that worked for a porn company talked her into doing a porn. Then he saw me and asked her to please get me to shoot for him. He asked 3 times and then I said, “sure why the hell not.” I liked fucking on camera a lot. It was a great rush so I found an agent and flew to LA

G&C: You moved to L.A. from Lake City. What’s the best and worst things that have happened to you since you moved?

CS: The worst thing would have to be that I still have not done a bukakke [getting ejaculated on by multiple people, you can thank me for not having to look it up] the best thing is that I met a lot of really hot chicks that love to have their pussy eaten.”

There are many people critical of the porn industry and porn in general who are very apologetic to the actresses, framing them as innocent victims who are being “objectified” and “used as sex objects” by a forceful master who abuses them like some sort of present-day chattel slavery and where men abuse them on video against their will by pressure. Looking at behind-the-scenes videos and interviews, that is anything but the case. The marvelous heights of degeneracy in many cases is not erected by a clenched iron-fist and the crack of the whip, but with the soft, open hands of license that grants their precocious apostles the highest enjoyment of liberties. The vast majority of porn is shot in California, and the community is closely knit, with all the people who work in the business personally know each other. Birds of a feather and all that jizz.

Seraphim Rose:

It is all too easy, in the atmosphere of intellectual fog that pervades Liberal and Humanist circles today, to allow sympathy for an unfortunate person to pass over into receptivity to his ideas. The Nihilist, to be sure, is in some sense “sick,” and his sickness is a testimony to the sickness of an age whose best–as well as worst–elements turn to Nihilism; but sickness is not cured, nor even properly diagnosed by “sympathy.”

In any case there is no such thing as an entirely “innocent victim.” The Nihilist is all too obviously involved in the very sins and guilt of mankind that have produced the evils of our age; and in taking arms–as do all Nihilists

When a person has been enveloped by sin, how it is to be perceived is entirety up to them. There are those who see it as a disorder, a constricting, caustic envelopment of the spirit that they must shake off, a tar-pit that slowly pulls one deeper down into non-being, a maw opened upon inside them that exposes one to further incursions. It is anathema, something that prevents one from being human.

For the other person sin is not a depriving of good, but a good in itself that must be scratched and its flames stoked to where the winds blow. It is something that aureates a person, gives them a life-affirming jolt that soothes out and transmutes their paroxysm into a lifeforce. What is favorable to the body is natural, and is what it means to be human.

So for the former, sin is what tars the wings from preventing man’s ascension, in the latter, the substance that enables him to find himself by going deeper into the terrestrial abyss that is his lot.

“G&C: There’s this notion that most porn stars were molested. Any truth to that?

CS: Well, I don’t know if it would have anything to do with me doing porn but, yes, I have been molested, but seriously what bimbo has not been taken advantage of at least once in her lifetime?

G&C: How old were you when you lost your virginity? Did that experience have anything to do with your porn aspirations?

CS: I was 15 yrs old when I had sex with a male, 10 with a girl. I don’t think anything that happened to me lead to me wanting to do porn. I have always been a sexual girl and I am not surprised I ended up here.”

Projection. In our world today, the only absolute is that there is no absolute.

Every man, as we have seen, lives by faith; likewise every man–something less obvious but no less certain–is a metaphysician. The claim to any knowledge whatever–and no living man can refrain from this claim–implies a theory and standard of knowledge, and a notion of what is ultimately knowable and true.

The proclamation of the “relativity of truth” is, thus, what might be called a “negative metaphysics”–but a metaphysics all the same.

For Charlotte, the libertine practitioner of nihilistic relativism, what is an absolute in life is the forced deflowering of a young girl against her wishes, but to her it seems to be an inevitable rite of passage, from girl to bimbo. Charlotte, usually always in-character as the innocent bubbly girl-next-door fantasy, exposes the crack in her mask and shows the jaded veneer under the pale-freckled plastic smile. A woman must grow up in this world, and so she had an early head-start in this rite, and from the innocence of a child to the hardened pessimistic “realist” she has become, for the better she seems to think, and so her absolute statement that this is to be the fate of all girls is the bottomless abyss that propels her in her ceaseless “works” that number in the several hundreds.

In the self-proclaimed relativists, we usually hear the most absolute of proclamations which must be taken as a fact handed out softly under the pretenses of reality.

“CS:A lot of people think that having a great “asset” I would have anal sex. But to this day I am still an ass virgin.

G&C: Something to strive for. Do you prefer working with males, females or she-males?

CS: I have never worked with a she-male… that I know of lol. I like men to fuck me, and I like to fuck women. I like it both ways.”

G&C: What won’t you do in an adult movie? What would you still like to do but haven’t yet?

CS: I wont have anal sex but I will masturbate in my ass. Would like to one day be in a 10,000 guy bukakke”

There is this odd cognitive dissonance for people working in the sex business. Although they enjoy and partake in the the most depraved of sexual activities, they still have some sort of remnant in a “moral code.” This is noticeable in prostitutes who usually have a “no kissing rule” which I assume to them adds a respectable air of professionalism to it and in their compartmentalization of the sex act, attempt in some way to preserve what is sacred even in their denial of it.  Why do such people willingly eclipsed in sin do such a thing? Probably because there needs to be some sort of sanctuary or beacon in their mind, some sort of safe spot still untouched that dimly flickers as an S.O.S. sign that might one day be found amidst the torrential black waves that keep them perpetually swimming in darkness.

The Antichrist is not to be found primarily in the great deniers, but in the small affirmers, whose Christ is only on the lips. Nietzsche, in calling himself Antichrist, proved thereby his intense hunger for Christ….”


“G&C: Oh, I already do that during Deal or no Deal. So, are you religious? I mean, you are from Salt Lake City.

CS: I believe in karma, so long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anybody else, then who cares.”

Of course, even in our secular world today for many calling oneself an atheist still carries a negative connotation and is considered to many something “beyond the pale.” Usually this means a defaulting to some vague truncated interpretation of some Eastern Spirituality jury-rigged to fit with Liberalism.

The Live-and-Let-Live philosophy of Liberalism (not to be confused with today’s negative connotation of it), is the unifying principle that ties all of the modern west together, from the Americas to Sweden.  The individualism of the West, which holds its moral supremacy as the golden standard in it’s proclamation, “The individual has the freedom to do what he wants, as long as he doesn’t hurt anybody!”

The Liberalism we shall describe in the following pages is not–let us state at the outset–an overt Nihilism; it is rather a passive Nihilism, or, better yet, the neutral breeding-ground of the more advanced stages of Nihilism. Those who have followed our earlier discussion concerning the impossibility of spiritual or intellectual “neutrality” in this world will understand immediately why we have classified as Nihilist a point of view which, while not directly responsible for any striking Nihilist phenomena, has been an indispensable prerequisite for their appearance. The incompetent defence by Liberalism of a heritage in which it has never fully believed, has been one of the most potent causes of oven Nihilism.

Under this creed, the Protestant Christian Conservative and the Porn Star alike can comfortably sleep in bed together.

There is no truth, but man can survive, can get along in the world, without it. Such a position has been defended in high places–and in very low places as well

The denial of the absolute is the only absolute in the West, as exemplified in the Constitution, where all opinions, religions, and positions are supposedly to be held in equal esteem under the aegis of “Neutrality.” This Liberal Constitution which serves as the gilded sanctuary from all walks of life, from the practical christian family man to the jaded harlot alike, the arbiter and heart of relativism itself, there faith and truth are dismissed to the wayside in favor for “living your life.”

G&C: If hell is for sinners, and porn stars are “sinners,” won’t hell just be an enormous orgy?

CS: It’ll be one hot orgy. I wonder how big the devil’s dick is?

Apologists and scholars of Nihilist thought, when they regard such passages as worthy of comment at all, usually dismiss them as imaginative exaggerations, as bold metaphors to express a perhaps childish “rebellion.” To be sure, it must be admitted that there is a juvenile quality in the expression of most of modern “Satanism”; those who so easily invoke Satan and proclaim Antichrist can have very little awareness of the full import of their words, and few intend them to be taken with entire seriousness. This naive bravado reveals, nonetheless, a deeper truth. The Nihilist Revolution stands against authority and order, against Truth, against God; and to do this is, clearly, to stand with Satan. The Nihilist, since he usually believes in neither God nor Satan, may think it mere cleverness to defend, in his fight against God, the age-old enemy of God; but while he may think he is doing no more than playing with words, he is actually speaking the truth.

So here it can be seen that the Nihilist, who claims in absolute that all values are merely relative, that they betray such a thinly-veiled pretense for committing the most abhorrent of acts by their jesting and endearing, statement about Satan. For to have the prince of this world portrayed in such a positive light is to affirm that there are values to be worth rebelling against, by siding with the original rebel, and thereby giving form and knowledge of what is the good to be repudiated.

The Nihilist takes an active part in the work of Satan (for such it is) that can by no means be explained away by the mythology of the “innocent victim.” No one, in the last analysis, serves Satan against his will.

For such, hell is voluntary and ever consuming; they are tortured by their own choice. For they have cursed themselves, cursing God and life

For the incorrigible, their entire existence pervades itself to be tuned into action by the denial of truth to smash all signs of the transcendent to make room for the idols of this world, to enjoy life by blotting out the light that they can only see as blinding, and to wallow in the midst of their existence which they have prepared and invested into the currency of sin into the perdition that they have sought.