Dissonance in Liberal Democracies

To refuse any bond of union between man and civil society, on the one hand, and God the Creator and consequently the supreme Law-giver, on the other, is plainly repugnant to the nature, not only of man, but of all created things; for, of necessity, all effects must in some proper way be connected with their cause; and it belongs to the perfection of every nature to contain itself within that sphere and grade which the order of nature has assigned to it, namely, that the lower should be subject and obedient to the higher.

-Pope Leo XIII

Living in Liberal Democracies results in a universal dissonance that has everything compartmentalized into its own private sphere foolishly thinking that everything is independent unto itself, failing to realize that all the individual atoms colliding and swirling endlessly is put into a sort of controlled chaos since it is all contained in a structure and maintained in a nucleus: that centralized, monolithic structure embodied in the State.

For, when once man is firmly persuaded that he is subject to no one, it follows that the efficient cause of the unity of civil society is not to be sought in any principle external to man, or superior to him, but simply in the free will of individuals; that the authority in the State comes from the people only; and that, just as every man’s individual reason is his only rule of life, so the collective reason of the community should be the supreme guide in the management of all public affairs.

The self-aggrandizing idea of the sovereignty of the individual who must be uninhibited from all societal and familial structures and left to their naked selves to its utmost purity to the state of nature is easily refuted by the simple observation that man mimics others, and so their individual wants is merely fabricated by external forces. If this was not the case, then why is it that companies each year are willing to spend millions on mass marketing and commercials, and that there is an incessant propaganda that is no longer perceived that way that controls and creates the current of popular opinion?

Once the individual has decided that he is one among equals in a society  and that his preferences are as good as anybody else’s and that he is only subject to others under contractual consent, he has taken it upon himself to become his own god, and so everything is leveled down to the plateau of the mere individual, who believes in the illusory sovereignty of choice, where he is the chooser in the marketplace of ideas, forgetting to acknowledge that the market always wins and every choice he makes within the sphere of the marketplace of Liberalism only strengthens the system.

Power comes from above, not below, although the hubris of the individual masses disagrees, enslaved to external influences they are not even cognizant of all while proclaiming in their rank stupidity the uniqueness of their inviolable thoughts they they believed to have not been deflowered when in actuality it has been penetrated by hundreds of ineradicable ideas both forcibly and subtly a thousandfold over by insinuations and persuasions, and by the leveraging their base vices, and so inside their head has spawned a multitude of bastard ideas that they disseminate without knowing their origins.

For, to reject the supreme authority to God, and to cast off all obedience to Him in public matters, or even in private and domestic affairs, is the greatest perversion of liberty and the worst kind of liberalism

It is absurd the citizen should respect the Church, while the State may hold her in contempt.

The idea that people should keep religion out of the public sphere and that it should be practiced only in private is like demanding a woman be a whore in public and a virgin in the bedroom.

"What I do in public has nothing to do with who I am in private!"
“What I do in public has nothing to do with who I am in private!”