The Liberator Pistol: Spontaneous Rebellion for Freedom Fighters

FP-45 Liberator

The Liberator Pistol is the epitome of the Liberal idea of spontaneous order that somehow organizes together by some un-explainable brainwave of consciousness that creates real change, a real shock to the System (Central Power, The State, ect) applied in times of war for people subjugated in hostile territory.

The idea was that allied aircraft would drop supplies of the FP-45 en masse onto Nazi occupied territory and have the would-be resistance fighters utilize this clumsy, poorly-built single-shot pistol to neutralize the German occupiers. The sheer volume of these handguns being dropped in enemy territory would demoralize and instill fear in the Axis forces, since there would be too many to remove and so each citizen would potentially be armed.

The idealized rebel utopian fantasy execution of this Liberator Pistol concept was that an insurgent/resistance fighter in occupied … Read More