God and participation in intermediaries



God is above so high and his greatness seemingly unfathomable to man, but His work can be seen with natural means in that everything is interconnected to Him and participates in the divine from the most lowly creature who must think in terms of associations to the higher minded consciousness who stares directly into His Light. It is in hierarchy that we all participate in His chain of being, where love and responsibility unites all into a fabric of life. To be in a higher position entails greater responsibility and love that comes from understanding the lower in its naivety and nurture its delicacy.

A man has authority over a woman, who was created to serve him, but this authority entails greater responsibility and so it is universal that it is the man who must sacrifice his life for … Read More

Wikipedia on Anti Catholicism

I recently read wikipedia’s article on anti-catholicism and all anti-catholic sentiments practically amount to state/church relations with anti-catholics emphasizing the dominance of state/temporal power over church. All the way from protestantism to its successor liberalism (the dominant religion of the modern west). So it can be said that in terms of church/state relations leftism is rebellion against authority and so Leftism amounts to power (temporal) rebelling against authority (spiritual). Non Serviam seems to be a fitting term. 

Non Serviam. I will not serve
Non Serviam. I will not serve

Historically, Catholics in Protestant countries were frequently (and almost always baselessly) suspected of conspiring against the state in furtherance of papal interests or to establish a political hegemony under the “Papacy“, with Protestants sometimes questioning Catholic individuals’ loyalty to the state and suspecting Catholics of ultimately maintaining loyalty to the Vatican rather than maintaining loyalty Read More