My Essay on The French Revolution

A while back in college in my history course we had an final essay where we had to fictionally portray ourselves as a person who lived during the times of The French Revolution and to pick which side of history you were on.

Naturally, and perhaps out of a hidden predisposition I picked the side of the non-revolutionaries. Even before I claimed to be a reactionary I always had the embers of one inside of me before it was kindled, and this essay wasn’t even my final form!

Metternich, friend of the fictional Friedrich Von Maxim
Metternich, friend of the fictional Friedrich Von Maxim


Daring Danny

Prince Friedrich Von Maxim

February 25th, 1794


On the Unscrupulously Trite Outbursts of the Tiers Etat

Such blasphemy of the highest order! I was moved with the great passion to strike upon my servant off the sole basis of looking Read More

Liberal Democracy’s Peaceful Transition of Power and Abortion

One of the justifications and alibis that people have for the supremacy and maintenance of Liberal Democracies/Republics is the concept of the peaceful transition of power. They claim that in previous systems, a change in government or ruling class required a violent coup or war in order for a change, and that revolutions should be gentler, less bloody, and that a voting system should be put in place to allow for a pacifistic revolution.

Yet the existence of Abortion completely repudiates the entire idea of a peaceful transition of power and turns Liberal Democratic States into a global genocide mill. Even worse is that the negotiating, discussion-oriented and obligatory neutrality which is the quasi-virtue of Liberal Democratic society on all topics paralyzes decisive absolute declarations into an endless discussion where the wheels are constantly spinning to maintain some sort of … Read More