Spanking versus Grounding your child

The good old days of ass whipping
The good old days of ass whipping

Even when I was a young child I always found it facetious and quaint that the white kids I knew were not physically disciplined by their parents as punishment, but were instead “grounded,” which is to send them locked up in their room for an X amount of time until they “learned their lesson” and that their privileges of candy and television were suspended for the time being.

Asian parents disciplined their students with a rough spanking bare handed or with the infamous feather duster, and the punishment was simple and quick, the pain is immediate and speaks in a universal language that all unruly children understand rather than some abstract concept of being stuck in your room for hours to somehow ruminate upon your wrongdoings.

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The obvious: America was never a Christian Nation

This writeup is going to be quick, because the answer to this issue is so obvious to anybody who simply looks at the fundamental documents of this nation without any bias or clouded judgment on what should-be instead of what just-is.

This writeup will almost be devoid of any sources, because to me it is nothing more than icing on the cake or adding more layers to something that should be already self-evident.

If The United States of America is a so-called “Christian Nation” then why:

Does nowhere in any of the founding documents, (Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Federalists, ect) does it mention even once Jesus?

Why does the Declaration of Independence refer to God as “Nature’s God,” or “Creator”? Does any Christian refer to God in such a way?

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Moralism and Outrage against Nazi regime

Throughout K-12 I never liked learning in class lectures about the oppressive Nazi regime. In high school our english teacher had us reading Night (a book everyone in America’s education system would have read on the recollections of a holocaust survivor), and we would have our own personal journal to summarize our thoughts on the auto-biographical novel. Of course to me such events are tragic and horrifying but there is only so much you can put onto paper with nothing but superfluous adjectives as fillers just to express your moral indignation before it becomes overdone and tedious.  Tell us about the most tragic event in human history the first time and we will be horrified. Keep telling it a dozen times after and it feels like an overdone lesson that warrants merely an eye-roll and people will just tune out.… Read More

Religious Liberty is a sham

Religious Liberty is a sham, and perhaps the greatest con trick ever hoisted upon Catholics and pretty much all orthodox religions in general. Many Christians think that religious liberty is the greatest thing to the faith since sliced bread and that it somehow protects their rights to practice it.

Nothing can be further from the truth:

“Modern religious liberty, as practiced in the United States at least, owes its legal origin to the Deist Enlightenment writer John Locke (1632-1704). In his Essay on Toleration, Locke advocated a broad religious liberty for all sects and opinions. But, as in the case of Julian, there was a sinister motive behind this liberty – while religious liberty might be good for smaller religious sects to flourish, it also has the effect that no one sect that grow large enough to disturb the Read More

A quick quote on War and Hierarchy

“The cause of all wars and revolutions—in a word, of all violence—is always the same: negation of hierarchy.” ~ Valentin Tomberg

Modernity is the inversion of the cosmic order, the order of God. Modernity sees that the problem of humanity and the question of evil lies in Authority, and that those in positions of authority abuse power. So it repudiates absolutely all forms of authority which leads to God, the source of all Authority. Seeing freedom as unshackling the chain of being in favor of going their own way, to greener pastures off the narrow path, they take the path of the First Rebel, the one who would not serve.

What would the inversion be of the above quote?

“The cause of all wars and revolutions—in a word, of all violence—is always the same: acceptance of hierarchy.” ~ The Revolution Read More

Evola on Constitutionalism and Liberal Democracy

Nowadays the intellectual confusion has reached such an extent that [Classical] liberalism, which according to ancient regimes and the Church was synonymous with antitradition and revolution, is portrayed by some as a “right-wing” movement, bent on protecting human dignity, rights, and freedom against Marxism and totalitarianism.  The following considerations are aimed at exposing this misconception. 

-Julius Evola, Men Among the Ruins Chapter 3 

The problem with the unholy alliance between conservatives, libertarians, much of the alt-right and white nationalism is that they have taken the mantle of Right-Wing to mean Liberal Democratic forms of government with all the conventions that it entails. Their unity is against the ever-more increasingly totalitarian and psychotic Cultural Marxists and the Leftist establishment (What they call The Cathedral *see picture below*)

This chart leaves out the Classical Liberal tree that gave birth to Marxism
This chart leaves out the Classical Liberal tree that gave birth to Marxism

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Neutrality the highest virtue and celebrities

When a celebrity voices his/her political or religious beliefs, it is either met with a simple eye-roll or a feeling of disappointment, as if a person of such high prestige has stooped so low as to express something that should have been left behind closed doors, that they have suddenly gone beyond the pale and have tarnished their exalted position by touched upon something that should have never been brought up.

Celebrities are the modern world’s equivalent to an aristocracy, an elite who people look up to them as the model of the higher values of society. Under Christendom, the aristocracy and clergy are to be imitated in order to mirror the teachings of Christ, as they are the refined exemplars.

In modern Liberal Democracies, the highest value is neutrality. Not having a stance on any particular issue but being … Read More