Anti-Discrimination law is tyranny that opposes the free market

 “Of course there are legitimate racists, and we should target them, and we should find them, and we should hurt their careers, because racism is unacceptable.” -Ben Shapiro on the Dave Rubin Show. 

Anybody familiar with me knows that I am opposed to all forms of Liberalism (which means all modern political ideologies) but I especially have a contention with Classical Liberalism, who have taken the mantle of Right in politics and redefined it to mean limited government, freedom of speech, and free markets and private individual rights (which to a reactionary are all to his Left).

But putting myself into the perspective of a Libertarian idol worshiper of mammon and the mystical free hand of the free market, Ben Shapiro’s above quote on declaring merciless total war against racists is absolutely statist and oppressive.

If we are to … Read More

Evola on War: Aristocratic vs Bourgeois Perspective

“The fundamental principle underlying all justifications of war, from the point of view of human personality, is ‘heroism’. War, it is said, offers man the opportunity to awaken the hero who sleeps within him. War breaks the routine of comfortable life; by means of its severe ordeals, it offers a transfiguring knowledge of life, life according to death. The moment the individual succeeds in living as a hero, even if it is the final moment of his earthly life, weighs infinitely more on the scale of values than a protracted existence spent consuming monotonously among the trivialities of cities. From a spiritual point of view, these possibilities make up for the negative and destructive tendencies of war, which are one-sidedly and tendentiously highlighted by pacifist materialism. War makes one realise the relativity of human life and therefore also the law Read More

Donoso Cortes on Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the press for mediocre cartoonists to shock people with profane imagery
Freedom of the press for mediocre cartoonists to shock people with profane imagery

“She has had anathemas only for impious men, for rebellious peoples and tyrannous kings. She has defended liberty against those who aspired to convert authority into tyranny, and authority against peoples who aspired to an absolute emancipation; and against all, the rights of God and the inviolability of His commandments. There is no truth the Church has not proclaimed, nor error she has not anathematised. There is no truth the Church has not proclaimed, nor error she has not anathematised.”

Those who fight for the absolute libertine lifestyle counterfeiting the word liberty under no moral basis except an extreme distrust for authority can proclaim the right of their blasphemous vulgarity. The only thing they use their talents for is to desacralize everything and to level it down … Read More

Freedom of Speech a Tool to undermine Power

Dying for moral relativism, Veterans for Voltaire!
Dying for moral relativism, Veterans for Voltaire!

If I were to discuss this topic on a forum or public area without a doubt I would be immediately banned or tarred-and-feathered, and to be marked as a pariah who was gone beyond the pale. I am about to criticize and repudiate the Holy Grail of Liberalism: Freedom of Speech. What impudent timing! Right when the globalists wish to censor the internet and Youtube shutting down political dissent even against its most popular celebrities.
Freedom of Speech in Pre-Liberal Democracies

It seems that Freedom of Speech was mainly used as a rebellious tool masquerading as some higher-cause for freethinking and rationalism against the authority of The Church and State (Monarchs) in order to promote Truth. Alexis De Tocqueville mentions how in Europe although there was no freedom of speech and sedition would … Read More