ISIS Magazine: How I came to Islam


Christians need a magazine like this as an alternative to maxim, cosmopolitan, and gq
Christians need a magazine like this as an alternative to maxim, cosmopolitan, and gq

So ISIS has their own magazine called Dabiq which is of very high quality, much like their propaganda videos and social media, has some very professional journalism and photography which would have a number of people questioning where they got such funding and education to obtain such quality of modern technology to begin with, but that’s another topic altogether.

These articles really humanizes the Islamic State, and the articles with their articulate points and vast erudition shows that ISIS isn’t just a marauding militant group full of illiterate savages, and has precision bombing criticism of the west, secularism, and Christianity.

Their issue is quite lengthy which is called Break the Cross, so I will break it down into segments, but today I will commentate … Read More

Mab Libs: Replacing Islam with Christianity


Defending my God given Rights to Sodomy! Muh Sodomy!
Defending my God given Rights to Sodomy! Muh Sodomy!

Greetings Readers! Today we are all going to have some fun playing Mad Libs! We are going to have a short summary of the Liberal position on Islam and we are going to replace the word Islam with Christianity in the sentences to see if it makes any difference!

Mad Liberal: Islam is an evil, filthy, oppressive religion!

Islam enslaves women, it is against women’s rights and feminism! Women have to obey their husbands, and cannot have an empowering career in a corporate office doing spreadsheets from 9-5! Islam also forbids abortion! How evil can they be for having laws on what women can do to their bodies?

Islam is hatred! It opposes Homosexuality! Homosexuality is a western value and tradition that Islam is willing to destroy! Executing gays Read More

The Purifiers

The two political parties of America, the Conservatives (Right-Liberals, Classical Liberals, Libertarians) and Progressives, (Left-Liberals, Socialists, Communists) who see each other as the manifestation of evil, who are power-hungry oppressors who are against liberty and equality, actually unwittingly work in unison to advance the pseudo-religion of Liberalism.

In this clash of parties, there creates a synthesis that helps advance the monolithic ideology of Liberalism which takes mankind further chasing the dangling carrot of Enlightenment, the perfection of the human race just above the horizon.

The Progressives are the Purifiers of Liberalism, who seek to remove all traces of tradition and christianity that taints this element from its absolute purity, which in their eyes is what is keeping mankind stuck in misery. If only we rid society of all these oppressive structures, can we reach a state of true Humanity!

To … Read More

What’s Wrong with Torture?

If a bastard has to sit through an eternity in hell, a minute on the electric chair can’t be so bad.

And we have it even easier today, where execution methods are designed to be as quick as “humanely” possible.

Corporeal and Capital Punishment and Torture seems to be universal in all pre-modern civilizations. Traditional Civilization is grounded upon a transcendent, metaphysical realm in which all things revolve around it’s unshakable axis, where the earthly realm mirrors the order of God.

If we are to look at the ideas concerning the abolishing of torture and physical punishment we see secular humanism and a worldliness in The Enlightenment Era, which is not despite popular misconception, a progress but a degeneration of man where the belief in an immortal soul and the world hereafter has been closed off to the modern man … Read More